'Euphoria' Season 2, Episode 6 Recap: Revenge, Redemption and Romance

First of all, you'll be pleased to know that it was Rue (played by Zendaya) who came through the front door of her home at the end of Episode 5. Euphoria creator Sam Levinson did not let that cliffhanger hang for too long with Episode 6 picking right up with Rue in the pits of her withdrawal, unable to even open a Jolly Rancher candy wrapper.

Unfortunately, Episode 6 did not address what Rue's return home meant for Laurie (Martha Kelly) and the $10,000 debt Rue owes her, but Episode 6 zoned in on the fallout from Rue's destructive actions last week, particularly the consequences for the show's villain, Nate (Jacob Elordi). Newsweek has the full recap of Euphoria Season 2, Episode 6 below.

Euphoria Season 2, Episode 6 Recap


If you thought Nate had two sides to him, you thought wrong. In Episode 6 of Euphoria, audiences see the countless amount of sides to Nate, it is quite terrifying and his own mother Marsha (Paula Marshall) finally addressed it.

Celebrating Cal (Eric Dane) walking out on the family, Marsha not only quizzed Nate on his romance with Cassie (and celebrating he was no longer seeing Maddy), she outright asked Nate when was the moment he changed and why.

In her wine-fueled rant, Marsha spilled how her son had inherited all the bad qualities of his father but none of the good ones and reminded him of his childhood, when he was a "sweet, innocent kid". She begged to know when the "darkness" took over, but Nate, of course, aggressively shut her down.

Marsha was not wrong about the darkness and moments later, Nate could be seen upstairs in his father's office, picking up a gun and heading straight for his car. He drove to Maddy's (Alexa Demie), knowing she owned the tape of Cal, sleeping with an underage Jules (Hunter Schafer). Nate is willing to do anything to protect his family's name and his father's business, even if he can't stand to look his own dad in the eye.

Maddy, who is hellbent on taking revenge against Cassie (Sydney Sweeney) and Nate for sleeping together, arrived home to Nate hiding in her bedroom, gun in hand. "Don't worry, I'm not here to apologize" Nate whispers before pushing a terrified Maddy onto her bed. This is the first time Maddy seemed truly vulnerable in the whole of Euphoria, crying out "I love you" and begging Nate to stop.

As he lay on top of her, Nate turned the gun on himself and continuously pulled the trigger. The gun had no bullets, but it was enough for Maddy to give in and tell Nate where the tape is hidden. Then, in a split second, Nate ditches his aggression and apologizes to Maddy, before saying goodbye for good.

However, Maddy fans hold your breath. Maddy is a smart girl and there is a pretty high chance she has made numerous copies of the tape, knowing fine well Nate would come looking for it one day. Perhaps Maddy will get her revenge after all, there are still two episodes to go.


Despite doing an absolutely awful thing to Maddy to get the tape, Nate gets a small shot at redemption.

He makes an unexpected move and calls Jules. Armed with a blade, Jules got into Nate's car where Nate apologized for what happened to her at the hands of her father and himself. He then handed over the tape to Jules, giving her back total control of the situation.

In a very sweet moment and the most vulnerable audiences have probably ever seen Nate, he admitted to Jules he meant everything he said to her by text message whilst pretending to be Tyler. Jules also admitted she meant everything she said too and they parted ways. Hopefully, this was the closure they both needed.

Nate then called Cassie, after hours of ignoring her calls, and invited her to stay over at his home. He hangs up but not before saying "I love you." Cassie breaks down in his bedroom by hitting Nate pretty hard in the chest but after all her anger is out, they passionately kiss.

If only Nate hadn't been so awful to Maddy, Jules, and Cassie, this would have actually been a pretty lovely moment for him and Cassie.

jacob elordi nate euphoria
Jacob Elordi as Nate in Euphoria Season 2. Eddy Chen/HBO

Elsewhere, Rue is also on the path to redemption. She reached out to her sponsor Ali (Colman Domingo) and apologized for using his painful past against him. In her monologue before calling Ali, Rue shared with the audience she had a lot of regrets in life, but the biggest was hurting him.

Thankfully for Rue's sake, Ali was able to forgive her and his forgiveness subconsciously spurred Rue on the path to recovery. After hanging up the phone, she was able to open the Jolly Rancher sweet with a huge smile on her face.

While Rue seems to be coping OK, her mother Leslie (Nika King) is seriously worried about her daughter's welfare. As the episode comes to an end, Leslie can be heard hysterically crying, begging a rehab facility on the phone to take her daughter as an in-patient, not an out-patient, crying out Rue's life is in serious danger.


Finally, audiences are getting the Fez (Angus Cloud) and Lexi (Maude Apatow) A.K.A. 'Fexi' content they've been waiting for.

Lexi paid Fez a visit where they talk about her play and watch Stand By Me. In what must be the most wholesome scene in Euphoria history, Fez and Lexi sing "Stand By Me" by Ben E. King and wipe away tears. Unfortunately, whilst they are embroiled in their sweet moment, Fez is completely unaware there is some serious stuff going on outside and his life could be in danger.

Faye (Chloe Cherry) is approached by her boyfriend Custer (Tyler Chase) who warns her the police are zoning in on Fez and Ash as suspects in Mouse's (Meeko Gattuso) disappearance. Custer also spills he is willing to cooperate with the police but promises he would not doing anything to lead them directly to Fez and Ash.

Instead of telling Fez and Ash the truth, Faye simply waltzes back inside as if nothing has happened. Sorry to burst Fexi's bubble, but things aren't looking so good for Fez going into the penultimate episode of Euphoria.

Euphoria continues Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on HBO and HBO Max.