Europhobia Watch, Continued

Why are right-wing pundits like Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck comparing Barack Obama to Adolf Hitler? Surely they know on some level that the comparison is absurd. The answer may be that the old tricks aren't getting as much traction as they used to.

For years, conservatives tarred liberals with the epithet "socialist" and mocked them for being "too French" or "too European." But recent polls show more than 60 percent of Americans now view France as an ally, compared with just 18 percent in 2006. Only 53 percent of adult Americans say capitalism is better than socialism, and 59 percent say that health care in the U.S. is no better than in other industrialized nations.

It seems that most Americans believe the U.S. has a lot to learn from the continent and tend not to see Hitler's hand in Obama's policies─which means the broadsides against the administration are only likely to get louder.