'EVE: War of Ascension' Proves the 'EVE' Universe Doesn't Have to be Hardcore

EVE: War of Ascension is the first mobile game from CCP Games and the first mobile experience set in the EVE Online universe. Generally, when people think of EVE Online, they think of an incredibly complicated game filled with years of backstory. EVE: War of Ascension wants to show that the EVE universe doesn't have to be so intense, and can even be enjoyed by casual gamers.

"A lot of people feel that EVE is too complex. It's been out for a long time and people think it's hardcore," Julien Dulioust, executive producer of EVE: War of Ascension at CCP Games, told Newsweek at this year's EVE Fanfest. "We want to show people that the EVE universe is really cool and can even be a casual experience."

EVE_War of Ascension_base
Every player will build up a base to help earn additional resources CCP Games

Dulioust cited a recent mobile smash hit as a comparison for what he would like to see with EVE: War of Ascension. "Look at Fallout Shelter," he said. "That introduced many people to the world of Fallout, and saw many move on to the main product, even if the mobile experience was great. That's what we're trying to do here."

In EVE: War of Ascension, players join with a corporation and work towards controlling a large map against other factions. Players also scout for resources and build up their individual space stations to earn more firepower to take to the front lines. Like other mobile games, gameplay will revolve around timers, ensuring players don't have to log hours and hours of continuous play to see success.

EVE: War of Ascension will also have microtransactions. This is a touchy topic with many gamers right now, but CCP knows implementing any system that may seem too greedy could be a death sentence for the game. Talking about the beta that was active during Fanfest, Dulioust said players could see where the monetized areas will be, even if they weren't active at the time. "People haven't been upset with it," he said.

EVE_War of Ascension_world-map
The map in War of Ascension is where players will fight against enemy corporations CCP Games

There will also be an emphasis on social play, seeing as how players are required to join up with a large group to start. Dulioust assured me players will never be forced to interact with others to make substantial progress or have fun, but it will really help to lend a hand when needed. "The game is mostly focusing on your interactions with your corporation," he said. "You can only do so much by yourself."

Even though the game is on mobile devices, the core ideas of EVE Online are still featured prominently in gameplay. "We focused on the CCP DNA. That's being social at first, player decisions matter, and cooperation is crucial to success," Dulioust said.

Eventually CCP Games wants to create a direct link between what happens in EVE: War of Ascension and EVE Online. However, the company has learned from its past missteps with Dust 514 that the goal should be to make a fun and rewarding game first before worrying about how things connect. "We're trying to make the core gameplay experience great first, then we'll work on linking it with EVE," said Dulioust.

Ultimately, EVE: War of Ascension will be for both veteran EVE Online players looking for something new and anyone new looking for a good entry point to the EVE universe. "We want to show EVE Online players that there's another experience set in the EVE universe," Dulioust said. "We want to tell others the same thing, the EVE Online universe is awesome and doesn't have to be complicated."

EVE: War of Ascension will launch later this year for iOS and Android devices.

So what do you think? Are you an EVE Online player looking for even more EVE to play? Will you try out the mobile experience first before jumping into the full EVE Online universe? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.