EVEN H3 Wireless Headphones Review: Stylish, But Flawed

I'm very picky about my headphones. My odd-shaped head can't handle the standard Beats by Dre models popular with "the kids" without my ending up with a scorching migraine. I've gone half-deaf from blasting Green Day at max volume with my 2007 iPod Shuffle. I would rather be electrocuted by dollar-store earbuds than try on used, sweaty floor models to find a proper fit. Combine all of these into a nebbish Voltron and you have quite the finicky customer.

There have been headphones that have worked for me, like the JBL E55BT, but none that have really stuck. I've been trying to find another contender to add to my audio assortment, but nothing has been able to fill that treble-shaped hole in my ear canal. Even is a new audio-manufacturing company that claims their headphones offer a unique experience, one that could match my incredibly over-dramatic needs. With special "EarPrint" technology that claims to cater the sound to your needs, a 20-20,000 Hz frequency, 30-foot range and its own app, the H3 headphones seem like a real winner.

They sent Newsweek a pair of their H3 Wireless headphones to test out. Can they handle the scrutiny of an audiophile with terrible taste in music?

The Good

  • Sound Amazing- The sound quality of these headphones is phenomenal. I'm not an audiophile by any stretch of the imagination, but even I can respect the craftsmanship. Every song I listened to, from The Beatles' "Blackbird" to Trippe Red's "Slow Down," sounded clear and beautiful.
  • Metal Design/ Comfy Interior- The sleek look and metallic finish of the headphones make them look like professional audio-engineering equipment, not everyday earbuds. My friends who tried out the H3s were in awe of the design, especially the comfortable padding for your ears.
  • Dat Bass- Even boasts about their "EarPrint" technology that tries to make listening a unique experience. You set it up in a few minutes by listening to a total of 10 individual sounds in alternate ears, pressing the power button when each sound is audible. I found that turning on this function transformed the headphones into bass machines. I'll proudly bump to "Hokus Pokus" by Insane Clown Posse with that sweet boom in my ear.
  • Price Can't Be Beat- For $149.99, you're getting a pretty good deal for stellar audio quality and style. The H3 headphones sound incredible, with deep bass and rich notes that pull you into the music.
  • 20 Hours of Battery- Pretty self explanatory.

The Bad

  • They Can Hear You- The headphones tend to bleed noise pretty easily. I don't think I blast music too loud, but my girlfriend was able to clearly hear my ABBA remix from halfway across the room. They do block out noise surprisingly well, which has led to me being oblivious while strangers kindly asked me to turn them down.
  • Hurt My Head- I have a melon-shaped dome that make smaller headphones a pain to wear for more than 20 minutes. Sadly, the H3s constrict my ears and turn them bright red within an hour of use. The padding can also tend to get a bit hot, causing my face to sweat abnormally.
  • Jaws That Bite- The metal joints that allow the H3 headphones to fold up can get a bit grabby around longer hair. The twisting bit near the cushion cup yanked out a chunk of my editor's hair; even with help it wasn't possible to disentangle it.
  • Pause After Every Song- When connected via Bluetooth, the H3s will pause after every song is finished playing. It doesn't matter if I'm using Amazon Music or Spotify, you need to manually press play on your phone once the previous beat is over. It's incredibly annoying and frustrating to have to pick up your phone every three minutes. A spokesman for EVEN says that the problem exists across other headphones and Android devices, but I have never had this issue elsewhere.

Overall, the H3 headphones are a great buy if you're looking to spend less than 200 bucks. They do have some practical issues when using them out in the wild, but many of these are problems unique to my experience. These headphones are a solid pick for those who love looking good while listening to music that sounds pitch-perfect.