'Celebrity Big Brother' 2019: Release Date, Cast and More

Fans of Big Brother are dedicated and loyal and wait patiently for their favorite summer season show to come on each year. But as of winter 2018, the wait has been cut in half with Celebrity Big Brother, a spinoff series nearly identical to the summer season, except for one twist: all players are celebrities.

Celebrity Big Brother began in the U.K., and only just made its way to America last year. Big Brother Host Julie Chen confirmed the series can be expected in the winter season when singing off of 2018's Big Brother Season 20 in September.

The first Celebrity Big Brother season premiered in February 2018, leaving viewers and reporters to suggest the 2019 season can also be expected in February, according to Fansided. The season, however, will come even earlier this year, according to Chen. The 2019 premiere date of Celebrity Big Brother is January 21 according to Chen's post on Twitter Tuesday. The show may be a shorter run than the summer season, which runs about four months. Instead, the celebrity season ran for only three weeks with a smaller cast.

Celebrity Big Brother also forces the houseguests into messy, silly and classic competitions loved by viewers of the reality show. Head of Household competitions, Veto drama and a handful of game twists can also be expected.

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Julie Chen tours the 2018 Celebrity Big Brother house. CBS

So who will be participating on the celebrity series in 2019? No names have been released, and they probably won't be until the show is nearly airing. Chen and others have named celebrities they'd like to see on the show, though. Chen suggested Tommy Lee, Tonya Harding and Sharon Osbourne in a conversation with former Celebrity Big Brother houseguest Mark McGrath after The Talk in March. At the time, Osbourne was standing near her.

McGrath suggested some houseguests of his own including Gary Busey, Michelle Kwan, Flavor Flav and "a bunch of musicians."

Last year's season featured reality star Brandi Glanville, TV host Ross Matthews, Former White House Aide Omarosa, Basketball star Metta World Peace and American Pie star Shannon Elizabeth among others. The season crown was taken by Broadway star Marissa Jaret Winokur.

As for if Julie Chen will return as host, rumors swirled the loveable host would leave CBS after her husband Les Mooves, stepped down as the station's CEO amongst sexual harassment claims. Chen did leave her position on The Talk shortly after the allegations surfaced and Moonves left. Chen is rumored to be staying on as Big Brother host until at least Fall 2019, according to Deadline.

This article has been updated to include the series premiere date.

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