Everything We Know About Netflix Series 'The A List' Season 3

The A List is back on Netflix with the long-awaited second season, revisiting the teens on Peregrine Island.

Netflix stepped in to save the day for the show after it was dropped by the BBC after one season, but the streaming giant commissioned a second season. Almost all of the cast returned for the new episodes which are available to watch now.

With unanswered questions and a cliff-hanger ending to Season 2, all eyes are now on a potential Season 3 coming to Netflix.

Season 2 of The A List on Netflix

The A List fans looked like they were going to be left disappointed after Season 1 when original broadcasters the BBC pulled out of the project. They aired the first season, consisting of 13 episodes in October 2018.

Despite the setback, Season 2 went ahead thanks to intervention by Netflix. They produced the second series and eight new episodes dropped on the streaming service on June 25.

Most of the original cast returned for the second series, with Lisa Ambalavanar back as Mia, Ellie Duckles returning as Amber, and Indianna Ryan back as Midge.

The role of Dev was recast from Jacob Dudman in Season 1 to Barnaby Tobias in Season 2. Meanwhile regulars from the first season Cian Barry and BAFTA-winner Micheal Ward (Top Boy) made guest appearances as their characters Dave and Brendan respectively.

Newcomers for Season 2 includes Dylan Brady as Sam, Byron Easman as Fitz and Finty Williams (daughter of Judi Dench) as Dr. Shaw.

How The A List is set up for Season 3

Episode 8 of Season 2, "Who We Really Are," ends with a cliff-hanger which opens up the possibility of a third season on Netflix.

After Midge is stopped in the season finale and everyone is seemingly on the road back to a normal life, the camera pans back to the island's woods and focuses on a point in the dirt. It suddenly flashes purple right before the credits roll, implying that the team weren't entirely successful and there's still some animosine lurking on Peregrine Island.

The final shot opens up a new possible foe for Mia and her friends to fight in a third season.

Announcements on Season 3 of The A List

Netflix have yet to confirm whether they'll renew or cancel The A List, so we don't know either way at the moment if there'll be a third season.

Netflix have a history of waiting a few months before announcing the fate of their original series, so they could announce more towards the end of summer 2021.

The A List cast on Netflix
The cast of "The A List" appearing in the second season of the show. It's available to watch on Netflix now Netflix