'Evil Genius' Cat Caught Trapping Owner's Golden Retriever in Closet

A mischievous cat has been caught on camera tricking his owner's dog into going into his owner's closet before closing the door on the hapless hound.

Milo the cat has some form when it comes to outsmarting Beckham the golden retriever. Back when he was just a puppy, the feisty feline had a neat method for tricking the clueless canine into following him into his crate before making a swift exit and shutting the door behind him.

It was a routine that saw the pair go viral last year after footage of Milo's trick was shared to the TikTok account mrmilothechonk with viewers torn between feeling a tinge of sympathy for Beckham while admiring cat's creative efforts.

With Beckham now fully grown and living crate-free, you might have thought that would be the end of Milo's pranks—but you would be wrong. Because it would appear Milo has managed to outsmart his canine companion once again.

It's no mean feat either, especially when you consider that a study published in the journal Frontiers in Neuroanatomy concluded that the average canine has around twice as many neurons, the basic information processing units found in the brain, as cats.

This would suggest dogs are significantly more cognitively capable than their feline friends. But it may not be that simple. Another research paper published in the journal Animal Cognition noted that cats were able to respond to humans' cues like pointing and can develop and hone this skill over time to the point where they can understand when their owner might want them near or when they need space.

Milo certainly appears to be making a case to become the first feline member of Mensa if the video here is anything to go by.

According to owner Erika Longo, it all started when they realized Beckham didn't come into the living room for cuddles, as is the norm for her beloved pet pooch.

Longo immediately suspected their resident "evil genius" had something to do with it, so decided to investigate. After several minutes spent calling out his name and searching around the apartment, she noticed the door to her bedroom closet was slightly ajar.

Opening it up, she found Beckham looking a little confused inside. Suspicions immediately fell on Milo given his previous penchant for trapping their dog in his crate.

But Erika needed evidence, so, according to her TikTok, she decided to set up a camera to try and catch Milo in the act.

Lo and behold, a second video shared to the mrmilothechonk confirmed what she and we already knew. It can be watched here.


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Sure enough, the footage highlighted how Milo made a deliberate point of going into the closet himself, knowing full well his happy-go-lucky doggy pal will follow.

As the clip shows, Beckham happily obliges, following him into the tiny dark space before Milo makes his exit, partially closing the door behind him to leave Beckham trapped inside.

Since discovering Milo's mean trick, Longo told followers she has been taking extra steps to ensure Beckham is not the butt of the joke anymore. "We've been closing our bedroom door and all other doors when we're not home," she wrote under one of the clips. "So Milo has no way of doing this when we're not there."

"I try to make sure he doesn't do it when we are home also," she added. "If he does get through with it, Beck is only in there for a very short period of time before."

Milo's efforts have once again garnered plenty of attention on social media, with the two videos mentioned above accumulating over 7 million views combined.

Some were stunned at what they saw. "I CANNOT believe this cat!!!" singlemillennial wrote. "Caught on camera and everything." Life.of.huckleberry was stunned, commenting: "Goldies will put up with ANYTHING just to be friends."

ToniaTikTok was evidently a cat fan, writing: "Milo is elite. Your all just lucky he lets you live there" with GMD OMG insisting it was a "cat thing." "Milo just needs his own space, doesn't want to be bothered!"

Elsewhere, Yari Ruiz felt for the hapless canine, commenting: "Bless it Beckham, not a thought behind those sweet eyes" while Moon_child40 said the video gave them "Thor and Loki vibes."

Newsweek has contacted Longo for comment.

A cat poking out of a closet.
Stock image of a cat poking out of a closet - footage of a feline tricking his owner's dog to going in the closet has gone viral. krblokhin/Getty