Ex-Disney Cast Member Claims She Made Adult Cry in TikTok Viewed More Than 7 Million Times

Playing the villain is hard, but someone has to do it, right?

TikToker and former Disney cast member @magicalgirlmelanie knows all too well the difficulties that come with playing a professional villain. According to her now-viral TikTok, the ex-Drizella face character admits that park guests don't always "react the greatest" to those playing Disney's iconic wrongdoers. However, she claims her performance once made a "grown woman" cry, which she implied was not a typical reaction. Though the park guest in Melanie's story didn't have the best experience with the ex-cast member, commenters loved her story and praised Melanie for a job well done.

Magical Girl Melanie shared the story with her TikTok followers over the weekend. Already, the post captioned, "I once made a Disney adult cry," has received more than 7 million views and almost 2 million likes.

In the video, she claims the incident took place at Disney's Grand Floridian Resort & Spa during a character meal. When she approached the woman and her family to sign the autograph books they had placed at the end of their table, Melanie says she noticed a separate book sitting at the table's opposite end.

"I pointed at it and actually, just kind of innocently said: 'Oh, is that book already full?'" Melanie told the camera. But this is where things began to take a turn for the worse.

"The mom says, 'That book is for princesses only to sign,'" Melanie recounts.

She further explains that the response prompted her to make a "huge deal" out of the separate book, as Drizella would have done. She asks: "What happens when I'm a princess later and I marry a prince and you didn't have me sign the princess book?"

According to her story, the woman's family laughed as Melanie continued to make jokes. Eventually, she picked up the "princess only" autograph book and signed an empty page.

"At literally any point, this woman could have said, 'no seriously, don't sign that one,' and I would have said 'OK,' and would have just dropped it," Melanie continued. But, that never happened, so she returned the autograph book and walked over to the next table.

When she looked back later in the evening, she said she saw the woman crying.

Though tears were shed, commenters loved Melanie's story and congratulated her for a job well done.

"[That woman was] not a true Disney adult then," exclaimed the top commenter. "Because that interaction should have been her FAVE! You seriously NAILED that character."

"Isn't it your job to be a villain?" asked another commenter. "What else should you have done?"

"You acted just like your character," said another in full support. "Excellent job!"

Though some argued Melanie crossed a boundary by signing the book, others came to her defense by putting the blame back on the woman's family.

"Everyone [is] blaming her for being in character," argued one commenter. "Maybe blame the family? If it was serious maybe the family shouldn't [have] laughed and set the mood."

Another user, echoing the same sentiment said: "As someone with severe social anxiety, if that book was really special, my family would also know that and would stick up for me rather than laughing."

Even actress Stephanie Beatriz offered Melanie her full support.

"This is the funniest bit: you killed it and PEOPLE ARE WACK," she commented.

Newsweek was not independently able to confirm her story.

Mickey Mouse
An ex-Disney cast member claims in viral TikTok that she once made a "Disney adult" cry. Mickey Mouse waves to a crowd. Gilbert Carrasquillo / Contributor/Getty

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