Ex-GOP Candidate Lauren Witzke 'Fully Supports' Arranged Marriages, Dowries

Former Delaware Republican Senate candidate Lauren Witzke said that she "fully supports" arranged marriages and dowries and took a hit at feminism.

"Here's the deal with arranged marriages is that your parents want what's best for you. So if you let your parents choose for you, they're absolutely going to choose the best," she said while she was interviewing Jared Noble, a far-right livestreamer who is known as "Woozuh."

"I fully support arranged marriages [and] parents having a say and choosing the family that you choose to bond yourself with, I fully support that. I think that's great," she added.

Her remarks came after she asked Noble about his thoughts on arranged marriages as she stated that "we should bring back" dowries—money or goods paid to the bride's family upon marriage.

Arranged marriages are still common today in some countries including India where two people are matched up based on their religion, caste, and culture, according to the World Population Review. Though China banned arranged marriages under the Marriage Law in 1950, some families are involved in choosing partners for their children. Similar matchmaking meetings are also common in Pakistan and Japan, but arranged marriages are decreasing in Japan.

Noble responded to the former Delaware candidate's question by saying: "I think it is good. I think that is traditionally the way it ought to be."

"My real position is that women are our currency to be bartered and traded," he added.

"It's not biblically unfounded. It's not like I'm making stuff up and being disrespectful or anything, but you could trade a nice virgin bride for half a dozen yoke of oxen," he said as he spoke about going "back years in biblical times."

He continued: "I think if we went back to that, and got rid of all this feminism crap forget about your master's degree, forget about your career, and just go mommy mode. That's what I believe."

During her remarks about arranged marriages, Witzke said that "feminism has completely destroyed femininity in women."

She claimed that women now "feel they have to support a career [and] be super successful" while placing family on the "back burner."

The GOP candidate has long had controversial opinions including her latest about the Russian invasion of Ukraine. In late February, Witzke received backlash when she said that she supports Russian President Vladimir Putin in protecting "his people."

"Russia is a Christian nationalist nation...I actually support Putin's right to protect his people and always put his people first, but also, protect our Christian values. I identify more with Putin's Christian values than I do with Joe Biden," the former Republican candidate said during the Christian Right program Cross Talk, according to multiple outlets.

"Christian nationalist countries also are a threat to the global regime—like, the Luciferian regime that wants to mash everything together, but Putin takes care of his people. He looks out for his people," she added.

Ex-GOP Candidate Lauren Witzke supports arranged marriages
Former Delaware Republican Senate candidate Lauren Witzke said that she "fully supports" arranged marriages and dowries. Here, a Q-Anon sign is seen as President Donald Trump supporters hold a rally on January 5, 2021 in Washington, D.C. Photo by Robert Nickelsberg/Getty Images