Ex-GOP Strategist Says Trump's 'Selfish' Actions In Iran Will Result in 'American Blood' Being Spilled: He's 'Boorish, Incompetent'

Former Republican strategist Steve Schmidt told MSNBC anchor Nicolle Wallace on Monday that President Donald Trump's recent military actions in Iran will lead to "American blood" being spilled. Schmidt also referred to the president as "selfish" and "incompetent."

Having served as an adviser both George W. Bush and John McCain, Schmidt left the Republican party in 2018 calling it "fully the party of Trump."

"We have watched, over the last 20 years, a Republican administration that we worked for take down the Iraqi regime with no plan for what came afterward," Schmidt said. "We watched the Obama administration do exactly the same thing in Libya with disastrous consequences. And now, again, we see a president who is by orders of magnitude more incompetent by the most incompetent officials in either administration do the same."

"And the consequences will be felt for many, many years," Schmidt added. "We're moving into the consequences stages of having an inept, selfish, boorish, incompetent President of the United States and blood will be spilled, American blood, because of it."

The Trump-authorized drone strike that killed Iranian general Qassem Soleimani last week has prompted escalating tensions between the U.S. and Iran. Intelligence provided to the White House indicated that Soleimani was planning attacks against American interests, leading the Trump administration to refer to Soleimani's death as a "preemptive strike." Iran has sworn to retaliate against the U.S. but has not indicated how they intend to do so.

Jeremy Bash, former chief of staff for the CIA and Department of Defense during the Obama administration, told Wallace that the Middle East feels like America has abandoned them. During a recent trip to the region, Bash said people told him they were not in favor of America taking military action against Iran.

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Ex-GOP adviser Steve Schmidt said Monday on MSNBC that President Donald Trump's military actions against Iran were "selfish." Joe Raedle/Getty

"When America all of a sudden," Bash said, "out of the clear blue sky, takes an extremely escalatory step and kills the second most important leader in Iran, as bad as he was and for as long as we've been talking about his malign activities, we do that without a plan for follow-up, without a plan for where our troops are going to be, without a plan about how to manage the escalation. That is highly dangerous and highly scary to all of our friends in the region."

Schmidt also said he does not believe the Trump administration has an endgame in mind.

"There is no plan, no thought, about what would happen next," Schmidt said. "There has been no strategizing about retaliation and what follows that. The country goes to war, not a political party, not a faction. Donald Trump, through three years of constant lying, constant gaslighting of the American people, has no credibility. We're a few weeks away from seeing the Western leaders of our most important allies laughing about the President of the United States."

Schmidt also claimed that Trump is using the tension between the U.S. and Iran to distract people from the ongoing impeachment process.

"I don't think his actions in this case are volatile and erratic," Schmidt explained. "I think they're entirely predictable. And what's predictable- looking at the Ukraine issue, looking at every issue- is he over and over again acts in his own political interest. Looking at impeachment, what he did for sure is survey the situation and understood that with this action, with this strike, that he would create a giant smokescreen that clouds and distracts around the issue of impeachment."

"This is a political act that has endangered the country," Schmidt continued. "Once again, this is Donald Trump acting in the international arena detrimental to American security interests, now exceeding the outrageousness in Ukraine by an order of magnitude for self. And the result of this is a more dangerous world where Americans will be killed that otherwise would not have been killed."

Matt Miller, former Chief Spokesman for the U.S. Department of Justice, told Wallace that Trump had not told the truth since his presidency began.

"Is there one major initiative that Donald Trump has told the truth about in the last three years?" Miller asked. "Of course there isn't. Is there one major initiative where he had a strategic plan to follow through from his whimsical decision making? No, not a single one."

"Donald Trump can't lead the country to war," Miller added. "He can't lead an international alliance because he's offended all of our allies and lied to them. And he can't lead the country. The only people he can lead are the sycophantic Republicans in Congress. They don't really trust him either, but they at least pretend to. They're the only people who will follow him."

Newsweek reached out to the White House for comment but did not receive a response in time for publication.