Excitable Dog Celebrates England's Soccer Victory in Hilarious Video

The England soccer team have reached the final of the Euro 2020 for the first time, meaning people across the country are celebrating—and, as it turns out, so are their pets.

In the country's semifinal match against Denmark on Wednesday, striker Harry Kane took the score to 2 -1 when he scored in extra time, after England were awarded a penalty.

And TikToker Robert Doward, like many others in England (UK), was watching the iconic moment on television.

He posted footage to his account Robertdorward1, which has since gone viral due to the hilarious reaction of his dog.

In the video, which is filmed on at-home CCTV we can see Doward and a woman watching Kane take his penalty, while sitting in their living room alongside their dog.

When the ball flies into the goal the pair begin shouting and punching the air, yelling "Get in!" and "Come on!"

However, what is so funny about the clip is the dog's reaction.

The animal, clearly wanting to get involved in the celebrations, beings spinning around in circles, which makes it look like he is dancing with happiness.

Doward captioned the video, which can be viewed here: "The dog's celebration," alongside a laughing-face emoji.

The clip has gone viral online, having so far been viewed a whopping 1.4 million times and surpassed 182,300 likes.

Many people took to the comments section to share their thoughts on the pooch's energetic reaction.

One TikTok user, _MargotTheWhippet, wrote: "This deserves so many more views."

Another person, Tessybear, added: "Cute dog sharing in his owner's excitement."

Xxrose..._...rovsxX typed: "He is like 'okay I've got this, every time they scream I have to spin right?'"

Zigrey213 commented: "This just made my day not from England but I hope you guys won it!! Up England and good luck!!!!"

Sophie Eleanor stated: "I wish I was in that household at that moment."

However, some people believed that the dog was actually reacting in fear from the loud noises, with Natasha writing: "Not to be a negative Nancy but I'm pretty sure that's a trauma reaction."

In contrast, an account by the name of Great Tik Tok wrote: "I'm here for the dog expert comments saying the dog is anxious, however, dogs do this when they are very excited, not anxious."

In certain instances spinning around could indicate anxiety, as veterinarian approved website PetPlace explains: "pets can show frustration by performing repetitive behaviors"

However, in this video it is most likely due to the excitement of the moment.

PetPlace revealed: "Some dogs can't contain themselves when they're happy.

The website added: "She doesn't know whether she wants to wag her tail, lick you, jump up to get closer to you, or press her body into your legs. Therefore, she does everything at once, which can end up looking like a frantic spin."

Newsweek has contacted Doward for comment.

Puppy playing with soccer ball
A puppy playing with a soccer ball. On TikTok, a dog's celebration of the England soccer team's semifinal goal has gone viral. Getty Images