'The Expanse' Author Reveals Favorite Season 4 Episode and What Miller Has in Common with Swamp Thing

In a wide-ranging Reddit AMA, The Expanse co-author Daniel Abraham—who, together with writing partner Ty Franck, constitute the pen name James S.A. Corey—answered questions about the book series, including events in the latest entry, Tiamat's Wrath, which is far beyond the events depicted in the first three seasons of The Expanse TV show. But while many of Abraham's answers could spoil deaths and other plot twists ahead in Season 4 and beyond, other answers reveal what viewers have to look forward to when The Expanse returns.

Season 4 of The Expanse will follow the events of the book Cibola Burn, as humanity races to explore the habitable worlds beyond the gates unlocked in The Expanse Season 3. While the new season is still in the works, Abraham already had an answer to a question asking for his favorite Season 4 episode.

The Ring created by the protomolecule opened up hundreds of new star systems to explore in Season 4 of "The Expanse." Amazon Studios

"I've got a soft spot for the end of episode 6," Abraham replied. Without more context, we can't know exactly what makes the fourth episode of the upcoming season so special, but at least it gives viewers something to anticipate.

Abraham also addressed whether the show and The Expanse books influence each other. "The show and the books feel like very different projects to me. I think they're both working in their own contexts, so I'm quite happy and satisfied," Abraham said. "The books really haven't been affected much by the show, apart from a few little in-jokes here and there. We are so far ahead of the shows in the novels that they inhabit a very different head space."

The Expanse co-author also entertained a few more hypothetical and technical questions, including how he imagines a Dungeons & Dragons campaign aboard the Rocinante would shake out, with Naomi Nagata as Dungeon Master. "Alex plays a neutral good bard. Holden plays a chaotic good ranger, but he winds up playing him as lawful good. Clarissa plays a lawful neutral cleric because she likes the healer role," Abraham described. "Bobbie and Amos take turns playing the same true neutral fighter while the other makes snacks, which ends up with that character being weirdly complicated."

Miller and Holden will return in "The Expanse" Season 4. Amazon Studios

But a more consequential answer came when a redditor asked whether the Investigator—an alien protomolecule construct modeled after the late, great Detective Miller (Thomas Jane)—has the same consciousness as Miller. Abraham answered with an analogy: "The Investigator is to Miller as Swamp Thing is to Alec Holland in the Alan Moore run of Swamp Thing."

In his heralded 1980s Swamp Thing series, Moore changed Swamp Thing's origin story. Before, Swamp Thing was the scientist Alec Holland, mutated into a plant-monster after criminals broke into his lab and set him on fire, sending him running into the swamp, where his formula transformed him into the Swamp Thing. In Moore's telling, Holland died in that swamp, but the plant matter absorbed Holland's consciousness and his memories. The swamp constructed the Swamp Thing, which believed itself to be human underneath it all. This separate "Holland" is shocked when he learns the truth, sending him on a journey of self-discovery to reconcile his human identity with his biological reality. It seems the Investigator may be in a similar boat.

While Abraham didn't reveal much about The Expanse Season 4, he did wave away the possibility of a prequel series. "Prequels are a problem. You know how it's going to come out," Abraham said. With six more novels to adapt (the final Expanse novel will be out later in 2019), there's still plenty of material for The Expanse TV series to cover.