'The Expanse's' Cara Gee on Camina Drummer's Season 6 Arc and That Surprising Finale Twist

The Expanse's sixth season came to an end on Friday, January 14 and brought with it an unexpected twist for Camina Drummer.

Drummer, who is played by Cara Gee, has been in command of Tynanthe ship formerly owned by Klaes Ashford—and Season 6 saw her declare war on fellow Belter Marco Inaros (Keon Alexander).

While that was a major focus of the show's finale, it wasn't the most surprising thing to take place in the last episode, and Gee spoke to Newsweek about what happened to Drummer.

**Warning: This article contains spoilers for The Expanse Season 6 finale**

On Camina Drummer's new position of power

After agreeing to join forces with Chrisjen Avasarala (Shohreh Aghdashloo), the pair, Rocinante captain James Holden (Steven Strait) and members of the United Nations meet to discuss the future of the Inner Planets and the Belt.

In a bid to stop an insurrection like Inaros' happening again, they agree to make a Transport Union that will unify the nations of the Inners and Belters for the first time, with Holden chosen as leader.

During the announcement of his appointment, Holden gives a moving speech about unity and the Inners and Belters seeing past their differences, and he ends it by giving his first order in office: He is stepping down and appointing Drummer as his replacement.

The move was done under Avasarala's nose and allowed Drummer and the Belters to finally have power, as well as a say in what should happen to their people.

Reflecting on the turn of events, Gee admitted to Newsweek that she didn't "want to talk too much about that, because it's so spoilery" but said: "I think it's a very satisfying conclusion. I was absolutely insufferable on set, just being like 'I'm the queen of the universe!'"

Her co-star Keon Alexander jokingly chimed in to add she was "literally walking around saying she's the queen of the universe."

Gee went on: "But, you know, it's interesting. I mean, the hardest part of that is having to form an alliance with Avsarala of course, because I think to Drummer she is the oppressor, you know, and Drummer doesn't trust her, she can't, she shouldn't.

"And I think that she actually has to swallow quite a bit [of her pride] to be able to take that position. But I think that sometimes the people who make the best leaders are the people who wouldn't necessarily choose it."

On Drummer and Marco's continued hostility to each other in Season 6

Gee and Alexander also discussed the animosity between their characters, and the way in which this continues into Season 6 from the previous season.

Of this, Gee said: "I think that it's really cool that we got to see Marco and Drummer in Season 5 come face-to-face and just have that super intense stand-off moment.

"And I love that that same amount of tension is then stretched across all of this time and space as he is trying to hunt her down.

"I love that they're still connected [in Season 6]. I think that's just such a neat part of the writing really, you know, I mean, always, a scenes together is a joy to get to do."

Alexander joked with his co-star: "It was so good. I mean, I'm sure you enjoyed it more than I did but it was amazing."

To this Gee burst into laughter and said "can you believe this guy?" before he added: "But there was something, if you don't mind [me saying], there was something tantric about."

Gee quipped that it "sounded like [he] enjoyed" sharing scenes with her in Season 5, and he then said: "There was a mirroring of these two warriors who are similar in so many ways, where I feel like Marco could not look away.

"And, like [Gee] said, to have that stretched out, there's still that, that sort of like tantric laser beam connection just stretched out literally over infinite space."

The Expanse Seasons 1-6 are now available to stream on Prime Video.

The Expanse
Cara Gee as Camina Drummer in "The Expanse." The show's Season 6 finale saw her character be put into a new position of power. Amazon Studios

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