Exploding Fireworks Destroy Couple's Wedding Ceremony in Viral Video

A viral video making the rounds on social media showed the scary moment a couple's indoor fireworks set the entire wedding venue ablaze.

The video, originally posted to Reddit's u/whatcouldgowrong subreddit shows the newlyweds sharing a dance alone on the dance floor. The stage next to them contains a row of spark fountains, decorations commonly used in weddings that shoot off tall towers of sparks from a small black box.

That's when a few guests can be seen jumping out of their seats as one of the indoor spark fountains sparked a fire on the ceiling, which was decorated with satin fabric and hanging floral arrangements.

One person attempted to throw water onto the fire, but is unable to reach the flames because of the height of the ceiling. Other guests in the video are heard screaming as they noticed the fire start to quickly spread along the ceiling.

The bride and groom stopped their first dance after they noticed the large fire overhead.

Spark fountains, a commonly-used indoor firework, are typically thought of as ideal for indoor events due to a lack of smoke and odor. However, these decorations are actually considered pyrotechnics by many fire departments across the country, including the National Fire Protection Agency, which recommended all fire departments treat these common wedding decorations as pyrotechnics.

In some states, venues must pre-approve the use of spark fountains inside the venue. Others require pre-occasion permits that can sometimes cost up to $1,500 per permit.

In the video, crowds of guests start to get louder as they attempted to exit the venue. The fire quickly spreads across the ceiling decorated with fabric, lights, and hanging floral arrangements.

As guests leave the burning venue, several staff members attempted to put out the fire with fire extinguishers but they were unsuccessful. Soon, the decorations that were hanging from the ceiling crashed down onto the dance floor as the fabric on the ceiling collapsed while ablaze. Smoke quickly filled the venue after most of the guests evacuated.

"Staff is walking out shaking their heads - "if this s*** happens one more time, I swear I am going to quit," one user joked in the comments section on Reddit.

Indoor Spark Fountain Sets Wedding Ablaze
A couple sharing their first dance experienced shock and horror when their indoor spark fountains caught the ceiling of their venue on fire and set the whole place ablaze. Pictured, a couple enters a venue with spark fountains, a photo that is from the incident in question. Valery Kudryavtsev/Getty Images

At one point, the guest recording the video can be heard laughing about the incident. Some commented on the guest who laughed in the recording. "The woman recording must've had a gripe with the wedding couple/family as she was clearly enjoying it!" one user wrote.

Other commenters questioned the fact that the spark fountains were used inside and didn't seem to have much clearance since the ceilings were decorated with low-hanging decor.

"Like...did they forget about all of the very flammable cloth decor above?" one user commented.

This was not the only recent incident where a wedding was celebration was marred by a fire. In New York City last month, family and friends gathered at a home to celebrate two newlyweds when a fire broke loose.

According to a report in the New York Daily News, 22 people, including a 2-year-old girl, were injured in a house fire last month in Queens. According to the report, the people had been staying at the house after celebrating a wedding the night before.

Police believed the fire was caused by a gas leak and some people jumped from a third-story window to escape the blaze. The cause of the fire remains under investigation, but the Daily News story said the family believed it started with the kitchen stove.