EyeEm Awards 2018: World's Biggest Photography Competition Reveals Finalists

Subjects include anti-Trump protests in Palestine, Winnie Mandela’s hearse, spectacular landscapes, refugees in Bangladesh and black cowboys in Mississippi. /EyeEm

The creative community EyeEm has announced the 100 finalists for its annual photography competition, which received over 700,000 submissions from more than 100,000 photographers in over 150 countries — making it the world’s largest photography competition.

This year's EyeEm Awards jury have selected the top 10 images from each of nine categories and shortlisted 10 entrants for Photographer of the Year. These will be exhibited at the inaugural Berlin Photo Week October 10-14, where the winners will also be announced.

The EyeEm Awards were open for submissions from June 7 to July 31, and were free to photographers of all skill levels and backgrounds to submit through the EyeEm web platform and app. The Photographer of the Year will receive a trip to Berlin for Photo Week, plus a Sony Alpha camera and mentorship throughout the year by senior photo editors. All winners will get featured, exhibited and published on a global scale.

The contest's nine categories were: The Architect, which received more than 95,000 submissions; The Great Outdoors, over 229,000; The Photojournalist, over 53,000; The Portraitist, over 77,000; The Street Photographer, more than 87,000; The Creative, more than 42,000; The Traveler, over 116,000; Still Life, more than 67,000; and Fashion, which attracted over 27,000 entries.

Subjects included anti-Trump protests in Palestine, Winnie Mandela’s hearse, spectacular landscapes, refugees in Bangladesh and black cowboys in Mississippi. Newsweek presents 50 of the category finalists and the ten Photographer of the Year contenders. See all 100 finalists and their stories at eyeem.com/awards.

01 street-Luis-Martinez-Faneca
Finalist, The Street Photographer: Luis Martinez Faneca, Spain. Photo taken in Dublin, Ireland, August 2016. Luis Martinez Faneca/EyeEm
02 out-Michael-Schauer
Finalist, The Great Outdoors: Michael Schauer, Germany. From a series that sets out to tell the story of one of man's last frontiers: the polar regions. Michael Schauer,/EyeEm
03 journ-Maxym-Gorodetskyy
Finalist, The Photojournalist: Maxym Gorodetskyy, UK. On July 14, 2018, far-right activists held a demo in Central London to support Donald Trump, who was in the UK on an official visit, and to protest against the jailing of their leader Tommy Robinson. Maxym Gorodetskyy/EyeEm
04 fash-Charles-Ofikhenual
Finalist, The Fashion Photographer: Charles Ofikhenual, Nigeria. From a series titled "Fearless Pursuit". Charles Ofikhenual/EyeEm
05 travel-Adlan-Mansri
Finalist, The Traveler: Adlan Mansri, Germany. Taken during a big techno party in a club in Ramallah called Radio. Adlan Mansri/EyeEm
06 port-Maximilian-Schulz
Finalist, The Portraitist: Maximilian Schulz, Germany. Miguel Mavatiko, a performance artist based in Dusseldorf. Maximilian Schulz/EyeEm
07 street-Erik-Sellgren
Finalist, The Street Photographer: Erik Sellgreng, Sweden. An older man starts doing some exercises on a street in Kyoto, Japan. Erik Sellgreng/EyeEm
08 travel-Debbie-Pinard
Finalist, The Traveler: Debbie Pinard, Canada. A hot air balloon flies over the desert dunes of Dubai at sunrise. Debbie Pinard/EyeEm
09 travel-Philipp-Dase
Finalist, The Traveler: Philipp Dase, Germany. A fishing boat glides along Lake Þingvallavatn in Iceland. Philipp Dase/EyeEm
10 journ-Rory-Doyle
Finalist, The Photojournalist: Rory Doyle, USA: James, the smoking Delta cowboy with a golden grill. Rory Doyle/EyeEm
11 out-Flávio-Martins-da-Cruz
Finalist, The Great Outdoors: Flávio Martins da Cruz, Brazil. Sunrise over Pico da Bandeira, the third highest peak in Brazil. Flávio Martins da Cruz/EyeEm