Why Is the Internet Trying to Cancel Actor Ezra Miller?

Actor Ezra Miller allegedly choked a woman during an encounter in Iceland that began friendly.

The 27-year-old actor—who appears in the Justice League and Fantastic Beasts series on the big screen—appears to be the person in a startling video posted to social media over the weekend. The clip allegedly captures a violent encounter between Miller and a woman.

"Did you want a fight, is that what you...?" Miller appears to say in the video, as a woman approaches him while making mock confrontational gestures and smiling, as if they were both in on a joke. But then the person who looks to be Miller grabs the woman around the neck and pulls her down to one side, alarming the person taking the video footage.

I have rewatched this video of Ezra Miller choking a woman like 50x lmfao this is y’all tone deaf cop sympathizing—style stealing narcissistic white icon? #EzraMiller pic.twitter.com/LA1PNZCIQt

— Ren(aissance) (@Hood_Vampire) April 5, 2020

"Did you want to fight," Miller appears to say again to the prone woman.

The video was first posted in a since-deleted Reddit thread titled "Ezra Miller has been in Iceland for several weeks. This is him freaking out after my friend jokingly asked him to fight..." The video's original poster described witnessing the alleged assault, claiming Miller choked the woman "because he's a fucking psycho and spit on me and two other staff members after the fact multiple times."

A screenshot of the since-deleted Reddit thread allegedly depicting actor Ezra Miller choking a woman. Reddit

Featured prominently in the video, behind the Flash actor, is what appears to be a food truck or cart bearing the name "Prikid," which potentially places the encounter in a graffitied space behind the popular Reykjavik diner and pub of that name. Contacted via email, a Prikid employee was able to confirm that Miller was escorted off the premises after the encounter and is a frequent customer, but did not witness the alleged assault.

"He was showing her his 'scars' from all the fights he'd been in and she said I could beat you up," the reddit user groovylps posted, describing themselves as a friend of the woman in the video. "She was joking around asking to fight and he took it seriously and freaked."

The original poster also alleged that police were called to the bar in response.

Ezra Miller as DC superhero The Flash. Warner Bros. Pictures

"Okay so I'm exposing Ezra Miller because he just attacked my friend at the bar after she JOKINGLY challenged him to a fight," another alleged witness said on Twitter, alongside the same video. "He took it way too seriously and choke slammed her to the ground. Not okay."

The same Twitter account also claimed that people pulled Miller off the woman and, in response, "Ezra proceeded to spit at my brother and the bartender."

The tweets describing the alleged interaction with Miller were subsequently deleted, but Newsweek has reached out to the account holder for confirmation and with questions regarding the events described, including whether or not they are the same person or connected to the person who posted the original firsthand account to Reddit.

The video was subsequently posted by other users on Reddit, 4Chan and Twitter. In an effort to learn more about the video's origin, Newsweek contacted several other early posters of the video, but have been so far unable to verify its provenance.

Newsweek has also reached out to Miller's publicist for confirmation and further context regarding the video, but did not hear back in time for publication.

While details surrounding the video remain only partially verified, social media has already reacted with widespread condemnation, with Ezra Miller's name trending alongside the Twitter hashtag #ezramillerisoverparty.

* Checks why Ezra Miller is trending * pic.twitter.com/AjmYNTv5X0

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In response to the original video, several other accounts operated by apparent Icelanders described other unpleasant alleged encounters with Miller, including claims the actor planned to copy a music video concept without credit because, "I have followers and you don't."