Facebook Outages Caused by Planned Software Changes

Facebook went down three times between September 17 and 28. The last outage, on September 28, took more than two hours for Facebook to recover. REUTERS/Thomas White

It's been a rough month for social media monolith Facebook. The company faced a hoax claiming users had to pay for a privacy subscription and another claiming big changes in its privacy statements (this John Oliver video will totally solve the latter problem).

But these innocuous tremors paled next to the mega-earthquakes that were the Facebook outages. Between September 17 and 28, which is centuries in Internet time, Facebook was out three times.

But according to The Wall Street Journal on Monday, the outages were not a sign of the end times but an unexpected by-product of Facebook's planned software changes. The three incidents were not directly linked in one another, according to Pedro Canahuati, Facebook's director of production engineering and site reliability.

There's no word as of now on whether Facebook's 1 billion daily users have weathered the storm for good (though Canahuati says Facebook understands the root causes of each outage) or whether the software changes have even been completed.

But in case there is another Facebook outage in the near future, let me leave you with a word of advice: please, please don't call the police when your Facebook goes down.