Facebook Sued by Underage Sex Trafficking Victim

A lawsuit in the Houston area states a girl was 12-years-old when she was first approached by a "pimp" through social media. The girl was supposedly "groomed" for more than a year to earn trust.

And when the young girl needed a calming voice, whether during a disruption at home or from sheer loneliness, she turned to her online friend on Facebook.

A new lawsuit in Houston said the "pimp" swooped in and turned her the girl into the next line of sex trafficking prospects, according to this lawsuit reported by FOX 26 in Houston.

The lawsuit refers to the victim as Jane Doe. The victim's attorney, Annie McAdams, said her fierce fight isn't just about her client or seeking a reward against Facebook, but more of pulling the plug on such actions.

"Just like other cases we've seen—when the child had a disruption at home, voiced her concern and loneliness on Facebook—he moved in. He picked her up and here we are," McAdams said on the Fox 26 report.

This is the third sex trafficking lawsuit filed against Facebook from Harris County alone. McAdams said online predators have similar patterns of stalking and luring young children, and that the best way to keep children from contacting such folks through the internet would be, well, abstinence from social media.

"You should not let your child on social media," McAdams said. "It's really that simple. It is impossible for you to know all communications at all times and who is friending your child. This is a complete and open platform for predators to approach our children."

McAdams went on to say that even though parents think they monitor their children at top-notch, predators always seem prepared to sidestep any potential dangers.

"Just because you think you're looking at who your kids are friends with on Facebook, they may not always be who they're communicating with," McAdams said. "When you take your kid to summer camp, you expect the summer camp while your child is on that premise, to be kept safe from predators.

"But somehow, we are allowing our children to step foot on this platform, yet you are demanding the same regulations when in fact, they have more exposure on internet platforms."

The attorney went on to say the lawsuit isn't about a settlement amount, but keeping social media's toes to the fire, namely Facebook, to protect the youngsters.

"These cases are not being filed to settle," McAdams said. "We want drastic changes in the way that they're doing business."

According to the Fox 26 report, this is the third lawsuit of human sex trafficking filed against Facebook in Harris County, which encompasses most of Houston and some of its surrounding areas.

Facebook Sued by Underage Sex Trafficking Victim | U.S.