Facebook Unbans BibleHub Passages After Censoring Them 'In Error'

Facebook unbanned posts that contain links to the Bible study website Biblehub.com after Newsweek notified them of allegations that the platform restricted them from being shared.

"We've since corrected this and BibleHub.com content can now be shared. We apologize for this error," a Facebook spokesperson told Newsweek in an email Wednesday night.

Complaints circulated on social media when a YouTube video titled Facebook bans Bible passages was posted by YouTuber and writer Paul Joseph Watson in reference to the issue.

In his video, at the 1:19 minute mark, Watson shows a screenshot of a user who was denied posting a status with Biblehub.com links and was issued a "Your post couldn't be shared, because this link goes against our Community Standards" message from Facebook.

FB banning biblical content .. what next?

Another Facebook user received the same message and restriction when trying to share a post with a Biblehub.com link.

"The Web site BibleHub.com links were flagged as low-quality content in error, which can restrict sharing capabilities," the Facebook spokesperson explained after Newsweek's inquiry into the matter.

Posts with links to Biblehub.com can now be shared. Sharing religious content on Facebook is allowed.

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