Fact Check: Is the 'Amp Truck' From 'Mad Max' Up For Sale?

The iconic vehicles from "Mad Max: Fury Road" are fit for purpose in the movie's post-apocalyptic wasteland—but can you get your hands on one in real life?

The Claim

A Reddit thread reads: "Mad Max amp truck is for sale. Who is interested?"

This was posted to the Interesting As F**k subreddit alongside an image of the "Doof Wagon"—a large truck fitted with amplifiers.

This post about the vehicle has more than 3,000 comments and has been upvoted more than 99,000 times at the time of writing.

It has also been shared in other subreddits, receiving hundreds of upvotes and comments.

The Facts

In the film, the so-called Doof Wagon is used by The Doof Warrior, who rides it while playing a flame-throwing guitar.

Video of this can be seen below, where the character's backstory is explained by the film's director George Miller.

The vehicle used in the film is indeed being sold, alongside 12 others that were used in shots throughout the blockbuster.

These are being put up through Lloyds Auctioneers and Valuers, based in Australia.

People are able to tender for the entire collection.

Details of the collection on the Lloyds' website brand the sale as "a truly once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own an entire Museum of Modern Masterpieces, survivors of the apocalypse that was the filming of FURY ROAD."

A page on its site states: "High octane offers close 7pm AEST on September 26th."

A description for the Doof Wagon reads: "Every army has a little drummer boy, to keep the beat and stir the heart, and the War Boys of the Wasteland are no exception.

"Here, mounted drummers pound a taiko beat on huge resonators built of aircon duct, while Coma The Doof Warrior, blind and disfigured, slung in a web of bungy and spread-eagled before a stack of speakers, hurtles across the desert landscape on a repurposed 8 x 8 M.A.N. missile-carrier."

9News reported that the cars are to be sold together.

A video from Lloyds Auctions on YouTube also details the collection and the range of vehicles.

In the video, Geoff McKew of Lloyds Auctions said "expressions of madness" were welcomed, as he invited people to lodge interest in the items.

A description on the YouTube uploaded states: "Blown, super-turbo charged and armed to the teeth with weaponry and War Boys, the machines that outran the end of civilisation have been unearthed in the greatest barn-find ever recorded. Nitrous, noxious, and no-nonsense harbingers of hell, marking man's uncanny ability to wring beauty even from that designed for death and destruction, art from power, meaning from machine."

The Ruling

Fact Check - True



Yes, it is true that the "amp truck," also known as The Doof Wagon, is up for sale.

People are able to tender for 13 vehicles from the film "Mad Max: Fury Road".

mad max drive in screening
A view of the atmosphere at Charlize Theron Hosts Drive-In Screening of "Mad Max: Fury Road" Benefiting the Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Project at The Grove on July 31, 2020 in Los Angeles, California. Several vehicles used in filming the movie are being sold. Rich Fury/Getty Images
True: The claim is verifiably correct. Primary source evidence proves the claim to be true.
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