'Falcon and the Winter Soldier': Lemar Hoskins and Power Broker, Explained

The second episode of Falcon and the Winter Soldier is now available to stream on Disney+, and the new installment features more easter eggs than the first one.

Last week, the debut episode of the series ended with someone new—U.S. military man John Walker (played by Wyatt Russell)—taking up the mantle of Captain America, in place of Steve Rogers. In episode two, we get a bit more of the new Cap's background and meet another new character, Lemar Hoskins (Cle Bennet).

We actually did a breakdown of Walker's history as a character, so we're turning our attention to Lemar Hoskins, aka Battlestar. Consider this your SPOILER WARNING.

falcon winter soldier episode 2 van walk
Falcon and Winter Soldier walking to the jeep with John Walker and Lemar Hoskins in the back. Disney+/Marvel Studios

In the comics, Lemar Hoskins, like John Walker, was part of the U.S. military. The two of them—along with a few other individuals—were part of a super-soldier-like program run by the Power Broker, a corrupt businessman named Curtis Jackson.

In Falcon and the Winter Soldier, the Power Broker is brought up a few times and seems to be the main antagonist of this series. How the show will portray the Power Broker exactly is still unclear.

Anyway, the Power Broker program gave Hoskins and Walker super-human strength and agility. Hoskins and Walker then created their own group of super-powered heroes (called the Bold Urban Commandos), and patrolled the streets and engaged in various acts of do-goodery.

In the '80s, after Steve Rogers abandons the role of Captain America, Walker takes up the mantle and Hoskins becomes his Bucky, donning the same costume as James "Buchanan" Barnes and assisting the new Cap in various battles around the world.

Hoskins eventually changed his superhero name from Bucky to Battlestar. We hear the character relay this to Falcon and Winter Soldier in the second episode of the Disney+ series. After Steve Rogers returns from retirement, and Walker is no longer Cap, Battlestar becomes his own hero.

While he isn't necessarily a top-tier character in the comics, Battlestar pops up during the events of the famous "Civil War" storyline; is a member of the Underground fighting against the forces of Hydra during the "Secret Empire" arc; and he even teams up with Howard the Duck and his Ducky Dozen at one point—long story.

What part Lemar Hoskins will play in this new Disney+ series remains to be seen, although fans of the MCU should know that Hoskins is there to help John Walker's Captain America in the same way that Bucky helped Cap during WWII.

We're two episodes in and it seems like Falcon and the Winter Soldier is going through the history of Captain America and the other wielders of the shield. The legacy of Cap is the overarching theme as the MCU searches for someone to pick up the shield from Steve Rogers.

There was also a cameo from the character Isaiah Bradley, the Black Captain America in the comics, so who knows what we'll see in the episodes to come.

Falcon and The Winter Soldier is available to stream now on Disney+.