'Fallout 76' Bobby Pin Locations: Where To Find Lockpicks In The Wastelands

Fallout 76 is filled with locked safes, locked doors and locked everything else. You know there's going to be some good loot back there, which means you'll need to figure out a way to open them. Unfortunately, you'll need bobby pins to pick locks even after you level up your Perception skill and apply the Lockpicking skill card (if you have one.) Unlike previous Fallout games bobby pins are much harder to find in Fallout 76, so once are lucky enough to gather a few be extra careful when you use them. Good thing we already know where you can find some!

Fallout 76 Bobby Pin Locations: Where To Find Lock Pickers In The Wastelands

There's probably no way to ever have a comprehensive list of every bobby pin in Fallout 76, but here are a few general locations to get your collection started. Unfortunately, the inconsistent nature of the beta coupled with instanced loot systems means that most of these locations are areas where bobby pins seem to have a high spawn rate, but fall short of saying "go to the third box on the left" level specificity. These leads come by way of Newsweek staff as well as the Fallout 76 subreddit r/fo76:

  • A box of bobby pins found in the parking lot next to the entrance for White Spring resort.
  • Random containers across the White Springs Golf course.
  • Scattered around Flatwoods.
  • Various vendors sell three to five bobby pins each.
  • One or two may spawn inside Vault 76.
  • Morgantown Airport desks.
  • Underneath crafting tables.

As of press time, we have yet to see a confirmed report of a crafting recipe for bobby pins. However, your fellow travelers may have some for sale if you're willing to trade. Otherwise, keep an eye on the areas above for your best chance at finding bobby pins in Fallout 76.

So what do you think? Did you find any bobby pins while exploring in Fallout 76? Have you found any sweet safes filled with loot? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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