'Fallout 76' Camp Guide - How to Pack Up, Where to Build & Best Design Tips

Fallout 76 features a mobile Camp essential to survival in Appalachia. In this guide, we'll answer the big questions new players need to know. Where and how should you build? How do you move your camp? We'll touch on all of that below.

The Basics of Camp

As indicated by the early tutorials of Fallout 76, your camp is your mobile home that stays with you as you enter and exit the server. It contains your basic crafting stations, food pots, resting places, defense against harmful foes and anything else you require to keep on living. In short, a good camp makes a happy player.

Fallout 76 sleep
Remember to sleep in your camp to get a health buff. Bethesda Softworks/Jade Plays Games @ YouTube

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  • Your camp can only be attacked if you're online.
  • When you log out, your camp goes with you. If someone on the server has built in your spot, you can place your camp again as a blueprint
  • How to pack up camp: Go into your Pip-Boy and press L1/LB to move your camp using caps. The greater the distance from your original spot, the more caps it costs. Once you move, everything comes with it as a blueprint.
  • Limitations: As your base expands, you'll rack up Build Cost. Once you max out, you can't build anymore. As of now your stash has a max weight limit of 400 as well. Bethesda has expressed desire to remove or expand that stash limit, though, so don't worry too much about it.

Where to Build Your Camp in Fallout 76

Once you're through the basic tutorials, your next decision is figuring out where to build. That can be a bit difficult at first, because missions keep you concentrated in population centers where camp building isn't allowed. Luckily, we've isolated a few spots for all levels of player to consider.

Lumber Mill: Marked on the map below, the Lumber Mill is a perfect spot for all new players. It's got protection drones to keep you safe from monsters, gears that are well worth keeping for crafting purposes, and, of course, lots and lots of wood. Despite being a building-block material, wood is pretty hard to come by. As such, it helps to build your camp near one of the best sources for it.

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Fallout 76 lumber mill map
The Lumber Mill is a prime place to stock up on wood. Bethesda Softworks/Azex @ YouTube

Whitespring Golf Course: Another popular spot is the Whitespring Golf Course. The main attraction here is its protection, but it's also close to vendors, crafting supplies and quests. If you need a good melee weapon, you can also grab plenty of golf clubs, too. In the event your base doesn't hold, you have the means to defend yourself.

Fallout 76 golf course map
The Whitespring Golf Course is secure and full of awesome stuff. Bethesda Softworks/Azex @ YouTube

East of the train tracks, west of Arkos: While not as specific, this secluded area is full of crafting materials. This is a good place to look during the mid-game or if some high-profile options are taken.

Fallout 76 arktos map
This isn't a very specific spot, but it still has lots of materials for crafting. Bethesda Softworks

The farms of Route 94: In that same vein, Route 94 has lots of farms which offer flat, secluded land for building. Because they're farms, you'll also have plenty of food options on hand to scavenge for as well.

Fallout 76 route 94 map
This secluded spot has farms full of supplies. Bethesda Softworks

The Viper's Nest: Just north of Fort Defiance is the Viper's Nest. This Brotherhood haven is surrounded by high-level beasts, but surrounding turrets will keep you safe. When the coast is clear, pop out, grab the high-level materials and sneak back in. This spot is for more experienced players, but it's still a cool one. You'll find it on the mountainous borders of the Cranberry Bog region.

Tips for Building the Best Base

There are almost limitless ways to build a base in Fallout 76, but here are some general tips worth knowing when setting up starter and mid-tier designs.

Fallout 76 scavenge
Take all the supplies you need, because they're all useful in camp building. Bethesda Softworks/Jade Plays Games @ YouTube
  • Take Everything You Find: If base building is your main concern, scavenging for supplies is essential. Pretty much everything you pick up can be scrapped for materials. Those materials can then be used to craft base parts.
  • Build the Essentials: To get the most out of your base, make an Armor Workbench, Weapons Workbench, Turret and Cooking Station. You'll also need a Bed or Sleeping Bag to heal up and get a well-rested HP buff. Gears, Screws, Wood and Aluminum are your main components there.
  • Fortify You Turrets: Turrets are often the only thing that stands between you and an enemy. As such, it helps to get creative by building foundations around turrets to block them off without impacting their firing ability. You should also consider building turrets in high-ground locations and even inside your base. In this world, firepower is everything. Space out your offense and watch it shred.
  • Blueprint to Build Faster: You can also highlight and blueprint any structure patterns you frequently use. Rather than placing walls or fences individually each time, make a blueprint of several walls or fences and use it later.
  • Don't Put Windows in Your Basement: Unless you want someone to shoot through them, the only place to use windows effectively is on floors with high ground.
  • Fortify Power: Once you get to the point of placing power lines and generators, protect them at all costs. Build walls around generators to keep them safe. It shouldn't impact your power situation at all as long as you leave room for the lines.

That should get you started with a Camp in Fallout 76 for now. Read our combat guide to help get the upper hand in pressure situations.

Fallout 76 is available now on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

How's your Fallout 76 base coming along? Are there any key tips we missed? Tell us in the comments section!

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