'Fallout 76' Character Build Guide: Solo? Multiplayer? Here's How To Play

Fallout 76 is the first Fallout to introduce multiplayer, which means there are many Perk Cards (i.e. skills) that give benefits to those playing with others. On the flip side, there are also some advantages to playing solo if that's more your thing. If you want to cater your player for multiplayer (or solo) playing, these are the perks you will want.

Fallout 76 Character Build Guide: The Best Way To Play Solo or With Friends

Playing Fallout 76 with friends? You'll want these Perk Cards Bethesda


These perks provide benefits for playing with others. They are all Charisma-based Perk Cards, and can be used when your character reaches the level indicated. Keep in mind you can also share any perk card with players on your team, as long as you have the Charisma for it. You need a Charisma level of 3 to share any Level 1 Perk Card.

  • Inspirational - Players on your team gain XP boosts - Level 2
  • Bodyguards - Gain damage and energy resistance for each member of your party - Level 5
  • Magnetic Personality - Gain Charisma for each member of your party - Level 13
  • Team Medic - Stimpacks also heal nearby teammates - Level 20
  • Anti-Epidemic - Curing your diseases also cures nearby teammates - Level 34
  • Squad Maneuvers - Run faster as part of a team - Level 37
  • Philanthropist - Restore your teammates' hunger and thirst when you eat and drink - Level 39
  • Strange In Numbers - Positive mutation effects are 25% stronger if teammates are mutated as well - Level 42
  • Rad Sponge - Periodically heal radiation of nearby teammates - Level 44
  • Friendly Fire - Teammates hit by your flame attacks (except molotovs) heal health - Level 48

Here are other useful Perk Cards that don't require teammates, but is helpful for anyone you interact with:

  • E.M.T. - Players you revive come back with limited health regen - Level 9
  • Injector - Players you revive come back with limited AP regen boosts - Level 19
  • Quack Surgeon - Revive players with alcohol - Level 22
  • Healing Hands - Players you revive are cured of Rads - Level 28


Sorry solo players, there's really only one Perk Card that gives you a benefit for playing without a group. The good thing with this is, you can shift focus away from the Perk Cards mentioned above! Anyway, here's the one for you, which is also a Charisma Perk Card:

  • Lone Wanderer - take less damage and gain AP quicker when playing solo - Level 4

So what do you think? Are you going to focus on any of these multiplayer Perk Cards to help your squad in Fallout 76 ? Will you get that Lone Wanderer card and rock out by yourself? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.