'Fallout 76' Combat Guide: PVE and PVP Tips To Make You King of the Wasteland

Bethesda's most hyped game of the year is finally out and players can't wait to get to shooting in Fallout 76 . Whether you want to decapitate mutated naked mole rats with a chainsaw or knock a random off a roof, there's something for everyone. Jumping straight into combat can seem a little daunting, especially if you're new to the franchise.Here's a helpful guide with tips for both PVE and PVP..

Fallout 76 PVE Combat

Fallout 76 wants to combine a traditional multiplayer shooter with the Fallout you remember. It's a mixed bag. Since the auto-aiming VATS system doesn't work in a real-time game, Bethesda needed to come up with something unique to fill the void. They went for your average "aim and shoot" approach, using the same combat system of nearly every other FPS of the last decade. In the beta, the server was sufficiently glitchy and had enemies teleporting around the screen. It's really hard to get a direct shot on something that's pulling an X-Men Nightcrawler. The real-time VATS displays percentages over your sighted target, which can help if things get bumpy or if you're shooting at one of the many flying insects.

In the early levels, the enemies are slow and are easy enough to shoot. As the game progresses and the mutants start to get tougher, your aim had better be good. In order to survive my playthrough, I needed to switch to a melee weapon often. Nothing is more frustrating than having a perfectly good, janky handgun and being forced to whack at a zombie with a machete.

You also get a decent 2x bonus for stealth, which can combine with critical headshots. If you come across an enemy that's much higher-level, don't panic. Crouch and sneak off a good shot to the head. Then run, hide and repeat. Enemies in Fallout 76 seem to have trouble pathfinding to higher elevations too. I managed to kill a deathclaw that was 10 levels higher just by perching on a cliff and aiming carefully.

Fallout 76 PVP Combat

PVP is where Fallout 76 truly shows that it's one of a kind. For the first time on any Fallout game players can engage in combat with real players. A glitching rat might be an annoying foe to combat, but a fully power armored miscreant straight out of the vault is another thing entirely. Setting up a fine base with a macaroni and cheese machine only to have it destroyed by some renegade with badass internet is what the game is made for.

Players can't engage in PVP combat until level 5 and can choose to opt out of any engagements if they really want to avoid this side of the game. If a player chooses to shoot you, you can ignore the bloke and go about collecting or you can shoot him right back and engage in righteous combat. If you choose to kill someone who hasn't accepted the terms, you'll be deemed an outlaw. These players have their location seen by everyone on the map and are worth more bottlecaps than usual.

How do you survive an attack? Like with low-level enemies, melee has some advantages. Because the FPS aiming isn't as fluid as shooter-focused AAA games it's easier to disorient a player whos trying to shooting you by zig zagging around them and attacking with your melee weapon. If you're not in close-quarters and have to return fire this strategy still applies. There's no sticky cover in Fallout 76 but you can cheat quite a few objects in the environment to find decent cover.

Have any tips for combat in Fallout 76 ? What's working for you? Let us know in the comments!

'Fallout 76' Combat Guide: PVE and PVP Tips To Make You King of the Wasteland | Gaming