'Fallout 76' Developer Room Found: Hacked Dev Space Holds Human NPC, Power Armor Paints and More

Hackers have unearthed a Fallout 76 Developer Room. Find out what's inside, here.

A new developer room has been discovered in Fallout 76 and in it, hackers have discovered the special dev space holds a number of interesting unreleased features inside including a human NPC and top tier weapons and armor. According to Eurogamer, rumors of the Fallout 76 secret developer room have been roaming around Reddit and Discord for about a week. Though the hacked room hasn't been officially addressed by Bethesda, EuroGamer reports that the company is beginning to take action against players who have breached the secret dev quarters and stolen valuable unreleased items. Violators are being informed of account suspensions six to 24 hours after breaching the hidden space. A screenshot of communication from Bethesda concerning dev room beaches can be found here.

For those who are curious about what the secret developer room holds, there is currently a video clip of the room still posted on YouTube, though we suspect it'll be taken down at any time.

What was Found in Fallout 76 Dev Room?

Developer rooms typically hold pretty much every item currently in the game, along with special boxes containing new items that will release in the future or that the devs are testing. In the video, the player shows off a box called "All Scrap" which allegedly contains plans for new power armor paints such as the Winterized, Military and Atom Cats. It is rumored that these items may release with the upcoming PvP factions update.

In addition to these new armor paints, MSPowerUser reports that hackers found the game's first and only NPC as well. Dubbed Wooby, this NPC but so far his purpose in unclear. According to ton MSPowerUser, Wooby's corpse holds 100 caps. Target practice anyone?

What do you think of the hacked Fallout 76 Developer room? Are you excited for the things that were found? Share your thoughts in the comments below.