'Fallout 76' Into the Fire Quest Guide: Fire Breathers Exam Answers & How to Join

Fallout 76 starts players off with a few main quests, and one of them is called "Into the Fire." Those who want to join the Fire Breathers must first pass a written, physical and final exam. Get everything done and you'll earn Fire Breather cosmetics and a unique gun.

Upon entering the Charleston Fire Department, which is southeast of the AVR Medical Center, the quest will trigger as you approach a terminal. The first objective is to "pass the Knowledge Exam." That can be accomplished by finding scraps of paper scattered around the area, using common sense or taking note of the answers we've listed below.

Fire Breathers Exam Answers

Fallout 76 Fire Breather Quest Exam
Answer all the questions correctly and move on to the Physical Exam. Bethesda Softworks/StonelyLonerKid @ YouTube
  1. Evacuate as quickly as possible
  2. A water-soaked rag
  3. Gently bind the burn with clean bandages
  4. Retreat immediately
  5. 1 pt Purified Water, 2 Ash Rose, 2 Blight and 2 Soot Flower
  6. Fall back and engage from a distance with firearms
  7. End his life as mercifully as possible

The next step of the quest contains a physical exam. Follow the map to the marked location, and interact with the terminal. We suggest taking a roundabout route to the objective because of how dangerous Charleston can be.

Fallout 76 Fire Breather Quest physical  Exam location
The Physical Exam is located here on the map. Bethesda Softworks/StonelyLonerKid @ YouTube

Once you reach the terminal, sprint your way to Checkpoint B as fast as possible then run back to Checkpoint A. There are Scorched along the way, but just follow the arrows, stay calm and you should be able to finish everything within the three-minute time limit. You'll end up back at the terminal where you started. At this point you'll be asked to initiate the Final Exam and receive a Holotape for your efforts.

Fallout 76 Fire Breather Quest final  Exam location
After the Physical Exam, head to Belching Betty for your final test. Bethesda Softworks/StonelyLonerKid @ YouTube

The next part of the quest takes you to Belching Betty, so listen to the Holotape as you head there. The instructions reveal what you must do once you reach your destination. The marker takes you to a robot named Bernie, and he gives you flame-resistant gear. Use the terminal to the right of the door to open access to the mine, and continue on either side of the forked road.

Fallout 76 Fire Breather Quest Belching betty door
Once you pass through this door, get ready to battle some Scorched. Bethesda Softworks/StonelyLonerKid @ YouTube

Once you activate the Emergency Beacon, you'll be beset by Scorched. Fight your way up to the surface, talk to Bernie and register in the Fire Breather's computer back at the Charleston Fire Department.

By the end of the quest you'll get:

  • Fire Breather's Uniform
  • Fire Breather's Helmet
  • Anti-Scorched Training Pistol
  • Anti-Scorched Weapon Mod Recipes
  • Ammo
  • An item

That's all you need to know to finish the "Into the Fire" quest for Fallout 76. Be sure to check out our survival and combat guides as well.

Fallout 76 is available on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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