'Fallout 76' Fusion Core Locations Guide - How to Power Your Power Armor

Fallout 76 has plenty of Power Armor locations (which you can see in our guide), but Fusion Cores are much rarer. In this guide, we'll outline a few spots to find Fusion Cores and the best way to farm them. Cores are a scarce resource in Appalachia, but we'll help you get some.

Just like Power Armor, Fusion Cores can be taken by other players. That being said, not all of these locations will work every time. If you're really frustrated, quit the game and join a new server. The core may be unclaimed there.

Where to Find Fusion Cores in Fallout 76

Palace of the Winding Path: Start off here, as pictured on the map, and go through the entrance under the awning to reach a courtyard.

Palace of the winding path map
Here's where the Palace of the Winding Path is on the 'Fallout 76' map. Bethesda Softworks/FreakEasy @ YouTube

On the left side of the courtyard, near a set of stairs, is a small door.

Palace of the winding path door
Heading through this suspicious door will put you on a path toward finding a Fusion Core. Bethesda Softworks/FreakEasy @ YouTube

Go through it, make a left and pass by the sign that reads "Employees Only." Go under the awning, keep going, and you'll come to a kitchen area with a tiled floor. Near that is this set of stairs. Take a few lefts, keep going down, and you'll see a fusion core.

Palace of the winding path stairs
Head down these stairs and you're almost there. Bethesda Softworks/FreakEasy @ YouTube

Converted Munitions Factory: This place is a public Workshop, which means it very well could be owned by another player on the server. Take extreme care before bursting in.

converted munitions factory map
The Converted Munitions Factory is right here. Bethesda Softworks/FreakEasy @ YouTube

Disclaimer aside, just go through the cracked wall in the front-left side.

converted munitions factory busted wall
Walk through this busted hole in the wall and make your way inside. Bethesda Softworks/FreakEasy @ YouTube

Head straight and pass through the door that says "employees only." Head through this door on the bottom half of the room, and pass through another door with a danger sign next to it.

converted munitions factory door
Go through this door to find your core. Bethesda Softworks/FreakEasy @ YouTube

Go down the two flights of stairs. A Fusion Core waits at the bottom.

Wavy Willard's Water Park: The Water Park can be found here on the map.

willard map
There's a Fusion Core at Wavy Willard's Water Park. Bethesda Softworks/FreakEasy @ YouTube

Pass through the entrance, and go up the stairs on the left. Follow the path around till you come to this broken fence by the alligator slide.

willard fence
Go through this hole in the fence by the alligator slide. Bethesda Softworks/FreakEasy @ YouTube

Pass through it and go into the nearby door. Go down the stairs and follow the path to the basement. A Fusion Core is tucked in the corner.

Poseidon Nuclear Plant: This is another Workshop, so be aware of that before entering. Once its related event is available to you, go in and repair it as advised. For the cooling system, all you have to do is find the striped pipes on the right side of the plant and interact with them to patch. The smoke around each pipe will go away. Rinse and repeat till the step is done.

power plant stripe pipe
Interact with these pipes to claim the Power Plant and farm Fusion Cores. Bethesda Softworks/MixelPlx @ YouTube

If you do that, the Workshop is yours and you can generate a new core every 10 minutes or so. This is probably the best way to get Fusion Cores in the game right now, but it's likely to be claimed or heavily fortified. If you can get there, though, the reward is great.

Fallout 76 is available now on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Once your Power Armor is fully stocked, check out our Camp guide to find out how to build your own base and defend the plant.

Where are you getting your Fusion Cores from in Fallout 76? Do you already have Power Armor? Tell us in the comments section!