'Fallout 76' Survival Guide: Combating Thirst and Hunger

Fallout 76 isn't just an MMO, but a survival game (shocking, I know). And as a survival game, players will need to manage their equipment while keeping an eye on stamina and health.

Bethesda's latest Fallout game ramps up the survival aspects by adding hunger and thirst meters. These can affect how well you can combat monsters and make your way through the wasteland. Keeping your Thirst and Hunger bars over 75 percent will activate bonus effects so be sure to keep an eye on it regularly.

While simply drinking water and eating food are quick solutions, here's a few tips to combat hunger and thirst in a more effective way.

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Food in Fallout 76, like in past Fallout games, increases your health. If your hunger meter falls too low, you'll start to lose health, so keep an eye on it. However, meat and flora you collect in the wasteland can spoil if kept too long without being used. This means you'll also need to manage how long you carry your food.

Raw meat and flora take the least amount of time to spoil as opposed to if it is cooked. To determine if something has spoiled, head to "Spoil" in the Pip-Boy Aid Menu to check which foods are about to expire first. You'll want to eat or cook those ASAP.

If you eat spoiled or rotten food, your chances of contracting a disease increases. To combat this, cook your meat and flora as soon as possible using cooking stations in the various camps of Fallout 76. You'll need wood to create a fire, so collect it whenever you can. Wood can be found from logs.

Cooked food takes longer to spoil, giving another reason to head to a cooking station as soon as you can. Canned or processed foods do not spoil and can be eaten whenever you want.


If your thirst meter drops too low, your stamina will decrease, so you won't be able to run. Your attack strength from melee attacks will also drop, so keep the meter as high as you can. Water is not the only liquid that can quench your thirst in Fallout 76 . There are various drinks made from the flora of the wasteland. Be sure to pick up various recipes to learn about these drinks.

Still, finding and purifying water is essential for getting through Fallout 76 . The first step is to gather water. Dirty Water can be found in pumps or rivers, but you will take some minimum radiation damage for your troubles.

Once you have your Dirty Water, you'll need to boil it at a cooking station. Here's what it'll take to make Boiled Water: Dirty Water (x2) and Wood (x1).

Boiled Water will still give your player some radiation damage, but it's better than drinking Dirty Water. If you want Purified Water, you'll need to go to a Flatwoods, a chemistry station or at a camp using the right equipment. Purified Water needs Dirty Water (x1) and a Water Filter (x1).

Are there any other tips for taking out hunger and thirst in Fallout 76 ? Let us know in the comments section below.

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