'Fallout 76' Patch 14 (Update 1.29) Adds Server Subscription - Patch Notes

A major new update to Fallout 76 — Update 14 — is out now for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox. Here you'll find the complete patch notes, including new details on the biggest change coming to Fallout 76: a membership service called "Fallout 1st."

Fallout 76 Update 14 Patch Notes

Players enjoying a Private World in "Fallout 76" with the new membership service Fallout 1st. Bethesda Softworks

Fallout 1st

With the new membership service introduced with Update 14, Fallout 76 players can subscribe for perks like unlimited crafting component storage (in the new Scrapbox, instead of your Stash), a second Fast Travel point (using the new Survival Tent) and 1,650 "Atoms" — the in-game currency used to buy cosmetic items — per month. Fallout 1st membership will also come with exclusive Ranger armor and new emotes:

Remote file

But the biggest feature coming to Fallout 76 for Fallout 1st subscribers are Private Worlds, which will let players invite up to seven friends (including non Fallout 1st subscribers), or play solo, in your own instance of the West Virginia-set open world.

Mischief Night Seasonal Event

Welcome to Mischief Night. Bethesda Softworks

From October 29 to November 5 Fallout 76 will be hosting its seasonal event at the in-game Whitespring Resort. To participate, visit the Springhouse Gazebo and talk to the JES-2R Eyebot. New Mischief Night sessions start every hour on the hour. During Mischief Night you can blow up cars, light bonfires, go trick-or-treating and fight off the Whitespring Elite Security Force. Of course, Mischief Night costumes are encouraged. Participants will be reward with XP and loot, including jack-o-lanterns.

In addition to the Mischief Night event, the update adds six limited-time Halloween cosmetics, reward to players for beating Nuclear Winter Challenges any time from October 29 to November 12. The rewards include a bat weapon, armor paints and a Glowing Skeleton outfit. Plus, Vault 51 has been redecorated for Halloween.

Other substantial fixes packaged with Update 14 to Fallout 76 include color-coded item rarity, making it easy to evaluate Nuclear Winter items as you scavenge (rarity progression: white, green, blue, purple, and orange). The new patch also adds Legendary Scorchbeasts — the giant mutated bats stalking the Appalachians of 76.

  • Other changes coming to Fallout 76 in Update 14 include:
  • New weapons: the Super Sledge and Pole Hook
  • More frequent public events
  • Loot Bag Skins for your Drop Bag and Death Bag
  • New seasonal Halloween music in the Atomic Shop
  • Visual updates to the Atomic Shop
  • Menu Music volume can now be adjusted
  • Increased Ammo crafting and Aid item rewards for completing Vault 94 missions
  • Bobblehead, Magazine and Teddy Bear weight reduced
  • The Workbench "Paint" mod is now called "Appearance"
  • Stealth Boy's stealth effect now lasts 20 seconds in Nuclear Winter
  • Gun Runner Perk now provides 20 percent movement speed bonus if a shotgun is equipped
  • A radial "Favorites" menu has been added for quick inventory picks and for the display of active status Effects

Plus a whole host of fixes to graphics, performance, menus and other issues in the game. Visit the official Fallout 76 website for the complete patch notes.

Update 14 for Fallout 76 brings the game up to version and is expected to take up under 8 gigabytes of hard drive space on consoles, or 3.5 gigabytes for the PC version of the patch.