'Fallout 76' Recipe Locations: Stimpaks, Food And More

In the wasteland of Fallout 76, creating your own food is very important to your survival. In Bethesda's latest game, there are various recipes littered across West Virginia that can give Vault Dwellers a chance to combat the hunger and thirst that is prevalent in Fallout 76.

These recipes are usually obtained in quests, but there are a few that can be found in various areas like in bedrooms or freezers. While your character will pick up a recipe, you won't actually learn how to make the various drinks and meals unless you go into your menu and read it manually.

To do this, you can open up your Pip-Boy and scroll over to your inventory. Find the subcategory titled "Notes" and you should be able to find the recipes you have picked up. They are titled "Recipe" with the name of the meal/drink next to it. Open it and select "read" to consume the recipe and it'll disappear from your inventory.

Most of the recipes can help you cook up some of the mutant animals of the wasteland you'll find recipes to create some crucial medicine and boosts like RadAway and Psycho. So try and find as many recipes in Fallout 76 as possible especially Stimpaks. These recipe for the essential medicinal substance has reportedly been found randomly in loot. However, others have found success joining the Enclave and gaining access to the medical vendor in their bunker.

Here's all of the recipes found in Fallout 76.

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Note: This list is still being compiled and will be updated as more information comes.


Healing Salve (Forest) - Complete "Find Recipe" quest

Delbert's Sunflower Oil - Delbert's bedroom in his trailer in Flatwoods

Psycho - Complete "Strange Brew" quest

Glowing Fungus Puree - Gorge Junkyard

Mutant Hound Stew - Vault-Tec University inside the food preparation room

Stimpak - Random/Join Enclave

Confirmed recipes with unknown locations

Delbert's Appalachili

Mirelurk Jerky

Aged Mirelurk Queen Steak

Bloatfly Loaf

Delbert's Mud Cookie

Delbert's Tato Salad Surprise

Pumpkin Pie


Silt Bean Puree

Sweet Mutfruit Tea

Sweet Tato Stew

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