Why 'Fallout 76' Won't Have Vehicles

Fallout 76 has vehicles in it, technically. Explore the irradiated wastes and you'll come across dilapidated rocket cars, rusted-out bicycles and heaps of plane wreckage. But don't expect Bethesda's latest offering, its first multiplayer foray for the franchise, to put you behind the wheel of anything other than a suit of power armor. SVP of Communications and Global Marketing Pete Hines explained to Newsweek that vehicles are antithetical to the Fallout 76 experience.

fallout 76 vehicle mods pete hines
Bethesda Game Studios

"The problem with vehicles is you go flying past all the cool stuff to find, right? The whole idea is that you're going from A to B, there's a log cabin over here and suddenly next to the log cabin there's a dog house that's got a bunch of complex mathematical equations inside and a periodic table on the back wall of a dog house. So you go, 'What was going on? Who was living in the dog house?'" said Hines. "That's the sort of immersive storytelling in the world that's lost if you let players just zip by."

Fallout 76 isn't devoid of shortcuts. There is a fast travel mechanic, albeit not a free one. Players have to spend caps to get to points of interest on the map, and the cost increases the further away they are from their destination. Many locations won't be available until discovered on foot anyway, which is how Bethesda wants it.

"As part of the main quest, you'll head up into the northeast part of the map and then the next thing you'll do is far to the south. Well you'll jump some amount of that if you don't want to walk back by fast travelling to Vault 76 or other places and walking from here," he said. "But you might find that you want to go this way because you haven't seen what's on this interstate, or there's a really interesting icon on the map and you want to see what's there."

fallout 76 vehicle mods pete hines2
Bethesda Game Studios

There are also points of interest which are not highlighted by an icon on the map, potentially dozens. Every player in Fallout 76 has the opportunity to build a sprawling and unique campsite. While the early offerings may be rather meager as players climb their way up to higher levels and better loot, Hines expects there to be roadside attractions aplenty.

"With 23 other players on the map, each of them has the ability to build camps and those become points of interest on their own. And those don't get marked, you just have to come by and see one. If you're zipping in a thing down the interstate, you'll miss those things," said Hines. "It's intentional to make you explore and see and find all the cool stuff that's out there. We don't want you speeding past and missing anything that's going on."

Of course, Bethesda has said it will support mods for Fallout 76 , and some players already found ways to add mods to the beta. Apparently the architecture for Fallout 76 is nearly identical to Fallout 4 , which featured a robust mod community and heaps of content. Notably, Fallout 4 did have a driveable motorcycle mod. So although Hines doesn't endorse any vehicles in the game, and one will come by way of Bethesda itself, there's still a possibility some intrepid modders will give us a lift after all.

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