'Fallout 76' Update 1.3 Adds Wastelanders Content to Game - Patch Notes

The Wastelanders update in Fallout 76 is available now and it brings a new main quest line, NPCs and the return of factions.

Version 1.3 for PS4, Xbox One and PC is a large update coming in at 54 GB, so players will need to take some time to download Wastelanders onto their preferred platform. But from the looks of what's included, it will all be worth it.

Once the update's downloaded, Fallout 76 players will see plenty of NPCs populating Appalachia. You can interact and have conversations with them. According to Bethesda, the mechanics of conversing with NPCs is similar to the ones in Fallout 3.

To get the full scope of what's coming in Wastelanders, check out the official Fallout 76 site.

If you want to know what changes are made in the latest Fallout 76 update, read on for the full patch notes for version 1.3.

fallout 76 wastelanders update patch notes



  • Day/Night Cycle: Daytime has been lengthened from 8 to 13 game hours, so that you have more sunshine while you quest, craft and explore. Dusk, dawn and nighttime have been shortened accordingly.
  • Lighting: We've made significant improvements to all aspects of our lighting and rendering systems to bring additional realism and contrast to the game world.


  • Vault 94: As mentioned in a previous announcement, Vault 94 and its Missions have been shut down along with the release of Wastelanders.
    • Many of the item rewards that you could earn by completing Missions, including Strangler Heart Power Armor Plans, are now available through the Gold Bullion system.
  • Nuclear Winter: The Storm now automatically constricts based on the number of players who begin a Nuclear Winter Match. This should help players get to the fun of a match more quickly and spend less time in matchmaking queues.
    • This change was originally implemented in Update 16, but was reverted after community feedback that the automatic constriction was happening too often. We've since made improvements in this area and have brought this change back with the Wastelanders update.



Quests have received significant user interface improvements in today's update. Here is a summary of the adjustments we've made:

  • All of your quest markers will now appear on the map.
    • Inactive quests show up as black map markers, and quests you're actively tracking will display the yellow markers you're already familiar with.
    • Main quests display square markers, while side, misc., and daily quests show diamond-shaped markers.
  • Clicking a quest marker on the map will display a pop-up showing more details and a description of that quest.
    • There are three new options on this pop-up that you can select to mark the quest as active, make it your only active quest or show the quest in your Pip-Boy.
    • When viewing a quest in your Pip-Boy, you can now choose to show that quest's location on the map.
  • New options are available that you can toggle to customize what types of quests are marked as active when you start them. Find these in the Game Settings Menu
  • You can find some more details about these changes in this article on Fallout.com.


  • Legendary Enemies: A notification now appears and sound effects play when a legendary creature regenerates to full health during combat.
  • Nuke Zones: Spawning into an active Nuke Zone when you join a world is no fun! From now on, if there's an active Nuke Zone at your login location, you will receive a prompt offering you the option to leave the current world and search for another.
    • You will be protected from Radiation for a short period of time while you make your decision to stay or leave.
    • This protection will end early if you move, attack or take damage.
  • Press and Hold: When viewing many types of pre-placed items in the world, you can now press and hold your interact button to quickly make use of those items without entering your Pip-Boy.
    • For Example: You can press and hold the interact button to quickly equip and favorite weapons you find, consume an aid item, or learn a plan or recipe.
    • If you'd prefer, you can still press the interact button without holding it down to add that item to your inventory.
  • Public Events: The descriptions of Public Events on the map now include a suggested player level.
  • Radio Host: A new arrival named Julia has taken to the airwaves to host Appalachia Radio. Tune in to catch her quips in between tracks.
  • Search Perks: The functionality of "Search" Perks, like Scrounger and Pharma Farma, is now automatic. You no longer need to press a button to manually search containers for bonus supplies. You will get a friendly Vault Boy notification when your Perk has kicked in.


The Wastelanders update brings close to 1,000 fixes for bugs that were previously affecting the base game, including many that were reported to us by the Fallout 76 community. Since that list is so lengthy, we've highlighted a selection of fixes that we thought you might want to know about or may find interesting as you prepare to head back into Appalachia.


  • Auto-Scrapping: The following items no longer scrap automatically when using the Scrap All Junk button, since they are ingredients in crafting recipes.
    • Bleached Dogwood
    • Bloatfly Gland
    • Bloodbug Proboscis
    • Cooking Oil
    • Digested Goo
    • Mole Rat Teeth
    • Mr. Handy Fuel
    • Radscorpion Stinger
    • Stingwing Barb
    • Tick Blood Sac
  • Billboards: Reduced the C.A.M.P. budget cost of many Neon Billboards by 50%.
  • Lights: The Mid-Century Disc Lamp now correctly illuminates downward.
  • Scrapping: The Tinker's Workbench now generates components when scrapped.
  • Scrapping: Urban and Forest Scout Armor pieces now generate components when scrapped.
  • Turrets: Addressed an issue that could prevent Turrets from firing at enemies in close range.


  • V.A.T.S.: Entering V.A.T.S. while firing an automatic weapon no longer causes the weapon to stop firing.
  • V.A.T.S.: Frag Mines can now be destroyed by shots fired in V.A.T.S.


  • Auto Grenade Launcher: The Heavy Barrel mod no longer incorrectly states that it increases damage.
  • Baseball Grenade: Now requires 2 Cork to craft in addition to its other components, and no longer requires a Baseball.
    • Baseballs now automatically scrap when using the Scrap All Junk button.
  • Baseball Grenade: Damage increased to bring Baseball Grenades in line with other types of Grenades.
  • Bolt-Action Weapons: Players no longer get stuck aiming down sights after pressing the button to aim down sights while chambering a round in a bolt-action weapon.
  • Buffout: Fixed an issue causing Bufftats to count toward Buffout and Mentats-related Challenges.
  • Cultist Blade: Damage increased so that the Cultist Blade is now slightly stronger than the Machete at every level.
  • Disease Cure: Can now be sold to Vendors for Caps.
  • Eyebot Helmet: Crafting an Eyebot Helmet now requires a Military Circuit Board instead of an Assaultron Circuit Board.
  • Fusion Core: Fixed an issue that could deplete a Fusion Core in the player's inventory when exiting Power Armor.
  • Gatling Laser: Reloading a Gatling Laser early no longer causes multiple Fusion Cores to be loaded, which could prevent the player from firing other weapons.
  • Gatling Weapons: Firing a Gatling Laser or Gatling Plasma with a fully charged Fusion Core no longer empties the magazine after just a few shots, or prevents the magazine from being topped off when reloading.
  • Handmade Rifle: The Stinging Magazine mod no longer holds more ammo than intended, and now has an ammo capacity of 25.
  • Harpoon Gun: Legendary Harpoon Guns can no longer incorrectly spawn with the Explosive attribute.
  • Legendary Armor: Solar and Thorn Armors can now correctly spawn with the Unyielding legendary attribute.
  • Legendary Weapons: The +250 Damage Resistance While Reloading legendary attribute no longer causes a legendary weapon's primary attribute to stop functioning.
  • Magazines: Tumblers Today Issue #2 now correctly grants the player the ability to find extra Bobby Pins in Bobby Pin Boxes, and the effect's description has been updated to match.
  • Meat Hook: Now only benefits from unarmed Perks, and is no longer incorrectly affected by one-handed melee Perks.
  • Molotov Cocktail: Now requires 2 Glass to craft in addition to its other components, and no longer requires a Beer Bottle.
    • Beer Bottles now automatically scrap when using the Scrap All Junk button.
  • Plasma Grenade: Explosion visual effects now more closely match the Plasma Grenade's explosion radius.
  • Psychotats: Fixed an issue causing Psychotats to count toward Buffout-related Challenges.
  • Rad-X Diluted: The description no longer states that it suppresses Mutations.
  • Salvaged Assaultron Head: Fixed an issue causing the Salvaged Assaultron Head to deal the same amount of damage at every charge level.
  • Scout Armor: The Forest Scout Armor Mask can now be worn with other types of headwear.
  • Shovel: Now correctly benefits from two-handed melee Perks.
  • Strangler Heart Power Armor: Acid attacks from players wearing Strangler Heart Power Armor no longer cause performance issues or crashes.
    • This fix resulted in multiple adjustments for Strangler Heart acid attacks and damage. You can learn about those changes in-depth by reading this article.
  • Strangler Heart Power Armor: Power Armor Chassis with Strangler Heart pieces equipped can no longer be dropped.
  • Tesla Rifle: Is now correctly categorized as an Energy Weapon in Workbenches, rather than a Heavy Weapon.
  • The Action Hero: The Gold .50 Cal Paint from the Atomic Shop can now be applied to The Action Hero.
  • Ultracite Fusion Core: Can no longer incorrectly be used as Fusion Cores for Power Armor.
  • Ultracite Plasma Cartridge: Increased the amount of ammo created when crafting Ultracite Plasma Cartridges from 60 to 120 to better match other types of Ultracite ammo.


  • Carnivore: Now correctly doubles the benefits of consuming pre-packaged meats, like Cram and Salisbury Steak.
  • Herd Mentality: Fixed an issue that prevented players with Herd Mentality from sharing Perks despite having enough points in Charisma.


  • Butcher's Bounty: Can now correctly trigger when searching dead Hermit Crabs.
  • Crack Shot: Description corrected to state that the Perk's benefits apply while aiming down sights, rather than "while sighted."
  • Long Shot: Description corrected to state that the Perk's benefits apply while aiming down sights, rather than "while sighted."
  • Luck of the Draw: Can now correctly trigger when firing the Gatling Plasma, Gatling Laser, and automatic weapons.
  • Luck of the Draw: Fixed an issue that prevented fanfare from appearing on-screen when Luck of the Draw Rank 2 triggered.
  • Perk Sharing: Now only considers a character's base Charisma. Bonus Charisma provided by Chems, gear, Perks, and other effects no longer incorrectly count towards Perk sharing.


  • Always Vigilant: The quest timer has been reduced from 30 to 15 minutes, and a 2-minute timer has been added to repair Rover.
  • Cop a Squatter: No longer restarts every time the player logs in if they have already completed it that day.
  • Ecological Balance: Amy's Note now remains in the player's inventory after completing the quest.
  • Miscellaneous: Fixed an issue preventing the "Clear the Flooded Trainyard" misc. quest from appearing to players at the Flooded Trainyard in Cranberry Bog if someone had already completed the quest in that World.
  • Miscellaneous: The "Kill a Wendigo while wearing a clown costume" misc. quest, it will no longer reappear to a player every time they log in if they have already completed it.


  • Compass: Location markers in the Compass now more consistently match their orientations in the game world.
  • Notifications: Fanfare and the list of rewards earned now correctly appear on the screen after completing a Daily Quest.
  • Notifications: The number of Caps earned now correctly appears on the screen after completing a quest or event.
  • Pip-Boy: Fixed a visual issue causing some Legendary Weapons to occasionally display incorrect attributes in their Pip-Boy descriptions after logging out and back in.
  • Revive: Diluted and Super Stimpaks can now be used to revive downed players.
  • Settings: The World Radios volume slider in the Audio settings menu now correctly affects Jukebox audio.
  • Social: Large friend lists have been optimized. Players should no longer experience in-game hitching as a result of having a very large friends list.
  • Social: Entering an invalid or nonexistent name into the Social Menu no longer prevents the player from interacting with other in-game menus.
  • Sorting: Scrapping an item no longer causes the player's inventory list to re-sort.
  • Vending and Trade: Players can now sell items for up to 30,000 Caps through their Vending Machines or direct trade.
  • Workbenches: Pressing the exit confirmation button when leaving a Workbench no longer causes the player immediately re-enter the Workbench.

Fallout 76 is available now for PS4, Xbox One and PC.