'Fallout 76' Servers Down, Not Working: Maintenance Time Causing Outages, But For How Long Users Ask

Gaming fans wanting to take advantage of the Thanksgiving break and enjoy the latest Fallout game were disappointed Wednesday upon discovering Fallout 76 was not working. Users report the servers for the online multiplayer game were down and making the game inaccessible.

Update: Fallout tweeted at 4:18 EST Wednesday that servers should be back online soon.

"Server maintenance has concluded and #Fallout76 is back online for all platforms. Thank you for your patience!," Fallout tweeted

Original story: According to Down Detector, Fallout 76 servers have been down since 1:37 p.m. EST. The game says the game is down as part of scheduled maintenance.

"MAINTENANCE ALERT: #Fallout76 will be unavailable temporarily around 1:30pm ET TODAY while we perform an update on our servers," the company tweeted.

"We are not making any changes to the game with this update, so there will be no patch notes to share once maintenance is over," the company said in a statement on its official forums. "We'll keep you updated in this forum thread and will let you know as soon as Fallout 76 is back online."

While the company let users know why Fallout 76 was not working, many were still unhappy and wanted to know how long the game would be down.

"I can even get into the forum and the link you have is down. When is the maintenance done?" Twitter user Mattia Freiendahl said.

"how long is this maintenance? I only have so much time per day to play, and it's down right now during the time I have," another wrote.

Fallout 76 was released by Bethesda on Nov. 14 after much anticipation since it was announced at E3 in June, but the game is considered a bust by many already. The game has been plagued with bugs since launch and has already attempted to fix the issues with a major 48 GB patch, with more coming.