Family Adopts Deaf Dog for Son Who Wears Hearing Aids: 'Saved Each Other'

A six-year-old deaf dog has found a best friend in his adopted family's son, who has also lost his hearing. The pair were immediately "inseparable," and son Walker is "wearing his hearing aids all the time now and doesn't feel out of place."

The perfect pairing has seen Walker, who is deaf and autistic, come out of his shell and find comfort despite losing his hearing, all thanks to bully mix Dave—who happens to know sign commands.

Dog Dave was transferred to the Humane Society of Midland County in Michigan from the local animal control. Before being surrendered from his former home, Dave was often left running at large and coming into contact with porcupines.

Dave and his new family
Walker and his family with new dog Dave. BISSEL Pet Foundation

"At HSMC, Dave was an immediate staff favorite. He was gentle as can be and great with other dogs. Dave was adopted on the final day of Empty the Shelter when a family with a son who is deaf and has autism, saw Dave's story and came to meet him. It was an instant connection," Brittany Schlacter from the BISSELL Pet Foundation. Dave was adopted by the family at BISSELL Pet Foundation's "Empty the Shelters" event at the end of July.

"The two are now inseparable and have clearly saved each other," she added.

Walker's mom, Mindy Cousineau, said they decided to look at Dave because he was older and deaf, after spotting his picture on Facebook. "It was like they had always been together," she told Newsweek. "Dave was so sweet and just laid on Walker."

Walker and Dave
Images of Walker and Dave together. The two are inseparable. Mindy Cousineau

The move-in transition was smooth, the family explained, and Dave walked right on in like it had been his home forever. Dave knew sign language commands and it took just two days for the family to figure them all out, but Walker has helped Dave just as much as the other way round.

Since Dave's arrival, Walker has been more comfortable about his loss of hearing and is now wearing his hearing aids at home.

"Dave has been such a calming presence for Walker. Dave knows when Walker is getting upset and he just calms him down. Walker is learning more signs for himself and also so he can 'talk' to Dave," explained Cousineau.

"Walker is feeling better about losing his hearing now that we have Dave, wearing his hearing aids all the time now and doesn't feel out of place. The boys are inseparable. Neither one can be far from the other's sight. They sleep together and honestly do everything together since we got Dave."

Dave the dog
Dave now has a new best friend. BISSEL Pet Foundation