Woman Discovering Note From Dad 9 Years After His Death Warms Hearts

A resurfaced note a beekeeper left his children over nine years ago, has gone viral after his children found it in his beekeeping equipment and shared it on social media.

In a post shared on Twitter last Monday, the woman, Amy Clukey, explained that her dad, Rick, died of lung cancer about nine years ago, at 52 years. But, before passing, he wrote a note that he hoped one of his children would later find, and finally after so long, her little brother, who is now 16-years-old, found it in his beekeeping clothes.

The note said: "I hope this note is found by one of my children who is curious about beekeeping. Beekeeping is actually pretty easy and you can learn everything online.

"Bees make more products than just honey and as a hobby, it can be a source of extra income $$$. So don't be afraid, have courage. Good Luck. Love Dad."

According to Petpedia, there's a 2.96 million decline in honey bee colonies over the years in the US, and there are 81 million western honey bee hives globally.

The bee population in 2019 consisted primarily of wild bees, and North Dakota has the highest honey production with over 38 million pounds.

The number of honeybee colonies lost to colony collapse disorder was 59,900 from January to March 2019, a 26 percent decrease from the same quarter of 2018.

Clukey, who is an English professor at the University of Louisville, explained that her father bought a farm when he was in his 40s, and it was then that he took up beekeeping and other hobbies like raising cattle and horses and foraging mushrooms.

She added: "When he was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer, the doctors told him that he had 18 months to live. The 5-year survival rate was less than 1 percent. He was a fighter: he lived 5 years and a week after his diagnosis."

The post attracted a lot of readers on the platform and has received over 42,800 likes, 2,333 comments, and 749,000 re-shares in less than 24 hours, and in the comments, the woman added that while she doesn't do beekeeping herself, two of her siblings are interested in it.

One user commented: "So don't be afraid. Have Courage. Good luck. Love dad. I lost my dad in 2022, if I found this note I would get that quote tattooed in his exact handwriting and look at it every day."

Another shared her personal experience: "I lost my dad in 2018. He played guitar and this [her tattoo: "Just remember I love you"] was from one of his handwritten lyrics sheets."

A third said: "I'm reporting this for making me cry."

And another user said: "I needed this thread tonight. My dad is in the last few weeks of his life battling terminal cancer. I'll come back to the thread in a couple of months when I need it again."

And one also shared the story of her personal loss, writing: "I lost my dear husband before Christmas. He used to leave little notes all over the house. I just can't remove them. His "lawn mowing jacket" is still on the back of the chair in the kitchen. I can't bring myself to move anything... it's all I have left."

Newsweek reached out to Amy Clukey for comment. We could not verify the details of the case.

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A stock image shows a beekeeper. A resurfaced note that a beekeeper left his children has gone viral nine years later, after his daughter found it in his beekeeping equipment. Getty Images