'Family Feud' Audience 'Confused' by Bizarre Puzzle—'Worst Board Ever'

A number of Family Feud viewers were left baffled after the most recent episode, when a list of the greatest women singers was unveiled in an unexpected order—with many key names missing.

As the Allen family faced off against the Der family, host Steve Harvey challenged the contestants on the ABC show to "name a female singer who can bring the house down when she performs live."

In the hunt for what would be the most popular answer to fill the seven blank spaces, Michael on the Allen family team buzzed in to guess Beyoncé, prompting Harvey to enthuse: "You better know it! Greatest living performer today!"

Despite Harvey's assertions, record-breaking Grammy winner Beyoncé landed in fourth place. Michelle's guess of rapper Cardi B did not make the board at all.

Steve Harvey against "Family Feud" background
Steve Harvey on December 8, 2019, in Atlanta, Georgia. A recent "Family Feud" survey on the top women singers has sparked derision on Twitter. Paras Griffin/Getty Images;/Mathew Imaging/WireImage

When the Allen family opted to play the category, Harvey uttered as he walked over to the team: "Beyoncé's number four—wow! This is gonna be interesting."

And interesting it was, as the team members were seen looking increasingly baffled as a number of guesses they appeared to assume would be slam dunks were ultimately blocked by the answers of those surveyed.

When Diana Ross was named as a possible correct answer and it was revealed that the veteran singer wasn't on the board, comedian Harvey said of the star's ability to bring the house down: "She does, though!"

The next guess was Jennifer Lopez, who not only made it onto the board, but was in second place. Mariah Carey wasn't on the list at all, putting her in the company of Ariana Grande, who was also named by the contestants.

The trio of incorrect answers saw the Allens strike out, giving the Der family the opportunity to steal. However, their guess of Shakira wasn't fruitful as she was also among the singers who failed to get a mention on the board.

Amid a hushed silence, Harvey read out the survey placings, which saw Céline Dion in seventh place, behind Reba McEntire (6), Cher (5), and Carrie Underwood (3). Lady Gaga topped the list of singing superstars.

The clip went viral on Twitter, where it was met with derision and bewilderment.

One Twitter user branded it the "worst Family Feud board ever in life," while a second commented: "I never heard the Family Feud crowd so confused and disappointed before. WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?????"

"Sheesh... the disrespect, @Beyonce at # 4 and @rihanna isn't even on the list," said a third viewer.

Another wrote in apparent disapproval of Lopez's ranking just one spot from the top of the list: "2nd answer on the board *side eye...SIDE EYE!!!*"

Echoing that sentiment, another shared a GIF of The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt star Tituss Burgess looking startled as they asked: "No Diana? NO ARETHA?! Beyoncé at number 4???? But J-WHO?!?"

Some viewers explained that Lopez likely scored highly as, vocal talents aside, she's long been known for her show-stopping stage performances.

"This has me crying," tweeted another. "The way even the studio audience was confused by Beyoncé's placement and the way everyone got more and more confused as the answers were revealed."

"The faces and collective gasp when Mariah got snubbed," observed another, sharing a screenshot of the contestant. "They just like me [for real]!!!"

Joining a chorus of Twitter users who had expected late singer Whitney Houston to be top, one commented in reaction to her not making the list at all: "I'm appalled."

"I'm gonna say it's probably because Whitney is no longer with us," reasoned one in an attempt to figure out why Houston was not mentioned. "They were thinking of people who are alive. I hope that's what they were thinking."

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the most positive reaction to the survey came from Lady Gaga fans, with one tweeting that they were "offended no one thought of her... so obvious!"