Family Finds Python Lurking Above Living Area Doorway

Professional snake catchers have recorded footage of the moment they removed a carpet python from the doorway of a family home in Glenview, Australia.

The snake was safely relocated by the team at Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7, a business which specializes in removing snakes from properties.

Footage of the snake catch, posted to the group's Facebook page on Wednesday, shows how a "nice sized" carpet python was huddled away in an area between a door frame and a roof space at the property.

In a Facebook post, the group said: "One of the members of the family goes in and out of the doorway multiple times a day and was a bit nervous about the snake being there."

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Carpet pythons are snakes that live in a variety of habitats including open forests and suburban gardens. They are found throughout northern, eastern, and southern Australia, according to the Queensland Museum.

The snakes are named after their markings, which resemble carpet patterns. Adults can measure up to around 12 feet (ft) in length, though the average carpet python is around 8ft.

Backyard Buddies, an initiative of Australia's Foundation for National Parks and Wildlife, describes pythons as "shy and non-venomous," but states "it's best to keep your distance as their curved backward facing teeth do give a painful bite."

The Queensland Museum states tetanus protection is recommended following bites.

Wednesday's video shows how a member of the snake catching team manages to get a hold of the snake's head before coaxing the rest of the animal's body out of its hiding space.

One of the snake catchers then calmly holds the animal in both hands while posing for a photograph.

The video shows how the snake catchers then take the snake to a nearby patch of natural bushland before releasing it into the grass.

A member of the team wrote on Facebook: "A gentle head grab helped encourage the beautiful Carpet Python out from the tight space.

"I am glad we acted fast as the snake could have easily disappeared into the roof space."

It's not the first python call the group has responded to this year. In April, the group's owner Stuart McKenzie turned up at a property following reports of a carpet python, but could only find the skin that the animal had shed, rather than the snake itself.

McKenzie said the snake skin was "one of the biggest snake skins I have ever seen."

Carpet python
A stock image shows a carpet python with its tongue out. The snakes can be found in a variety of habitats including suburban gardens. Allieca/Getty