'Family Guy' Christmas Specials Ranked From the Heart-Warming to the Ludicrous

Christmas is the perfect time to watch festive-themed films and TV shows to get into the holiday spirit, and there's certainly plenty to choose from.

One show with a number of Christmas specials that can be enjoyed again and again is Family Guy, which has had 8 episodes based around the holiday so far and has another set to be released on December 19.

The episodes range from the thought-provoking to the heart-warming, and some even veer into the ludicrous.

Here, Newsweek rank the show's Christmas specials from best to worst.

1. Road To The North Pole, Season 9

Stewie and Brian's (Seth MacFarlane) adventures are always the most appealing in the Family Guy repetoir, and this is also true of the Christmas specials.

"Road To The North Pole" is a two-part special that follows the Griffin duo on a journey to Santa's Grotto, where Stewie plans to kill Santa Claus.

However, when they arrive the pair learn of the horrible conditions that Santa and his elves are under because of the world's greed.

Family Guy have had some great musical numbers over the seasons, but the first episode's "Christmas Time Is Killing Us" is one of the best.

"Road To The North Pole" is not only funny it's also thought-provoking, in ways that one wouldn't necessarily expect of an adult animation.

2. Christmas Guy, Season 12

One of the most shocking things to happen on Family Guy in recent years was the sudden death of Brian.

While the world mourned the animated dog in Season 12, it turned out he was only gone for a short amount of time as he was saved in "Christmas Guy".

Stewie, missing his best friend, decided to travel back in time in order to stop Brian from dying in a car crash.

While the episode was about trying to save Brian, Stewie also had some tender moments with Vinny, the dog that the Griffin family adopted following Brian's death.

3. A Very Special Family Guy Freakin' Christmas, Season 3

The first Family Guy Christmas special is also one of the funniest that the show has ever had.

It sees Lois lose her festive spirit when a number of things go wrong in the Griffin household over Christmas, including Peter giving away all the family's presents to charity instead of just one and the house getting destroyed in a turkey-related fire.

After the many mishaps, Lois goes on a rampage that sees her insult Jack Frost and try to destroy the town's Christmas tree, only for Stewie to appeal to her better nature and convince her otherwise.

4. Don't Be A Dickins At Christmas, Season 16

In a twist on the Charles Dickins classic A Christmas Carol, Peter (MacFarlane) goes on a journey to find his festive spirit again after being left at home by Lois (Alex Borstein) and the kids.

Rather than being met with the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future, Peter is visited by the spirit of the late Patrick Swayze.

While it's a pretty predictable affair given how often A Christmas Carol has been adapted for both the big and small screen, it's still a fun episode and features a hilarious dance between Peter and Swayze.

5. Jesus, Mary and Joseph!, Season 11

What would Christmas be without the Nativity play? Well, Family Guy decided to do their own take on the tale.

The characters star in various roles from Mary (Lois), Joseph (Peter) and the Three Wise Men (Cleveland, Quagmire and Joe), with Stewie standing in for baby Jesus.

While the Nativity is not a new story, per se, Family Guy give their own spin on it by including more adult jokes and themes.

6. How The Griffin Stole Christmas, Season 15

"How The Griffin Stole Christmas" sees Peter learn the true meaning of the holiday when he becomes a Mall Santa and starts to abuse his new role to get free gifts and food.

Things turn on its head when Peter is paid a visit by the real Santa Claus, who urges him to learn from the error of his ways.

Meanwhile, Stewie joins Brian on his quest to find love at various office Christmas parties, with the former amusingly pretend to be employed by a printer company only for it to lead to workers losing their job.

7. The First No L, Season 19

In a similar vein to Family Guy's first Christmas special, "The First No L" focuses on Lois losing it when things go wrong ahead of the holiday.

When Peter and the kids prove their inability to help her with any of the Christmas chores, no matter how simple, she simply decides to leave them and pretend to go visit her sister.

Instead, Lois stays close by in a motel and she decides —in a move that would make the Grinch proud— to steal all their presents, before realizing her mistake and returning home.

8. Christmas Is Coming, Season 18

By far the most ludicrous Family Guy festive special is "Christmas is Coming" which puts the focus on Meg (Mila Kunis).

The episode sees Meg become obsessed with being bounced on Santa's lap after she experiences her first orgasm when she takes Stewie to meet the Father Christmas at the shopping mall.

Given its focus on the least interesting member of the Griffin family (sorry Meg), it's just not as funny as the other specials that the show has had.

Family Guy Season 20 is currently airing Sundays at 9.30 p.m. EST on Fox.

Family Guy
"Family Guy" have had a number of fun Christmas classics over the years that fans can enjoy again over the festive season. 2021 by 20th Television.

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