Family Helped Woman Saw Off Her Hand to Get $430,000 in Insurance Scam, Say Police

A 21-year-old woman in Slovenia has been accused of using a circular saw to cut off her hand so she could get hundreds of thousands of euros in insurance payouts.

Police in the country's capital Ljubljana say her family helped her carry out the brutal act in their home. After her hand was cut above the wrist, she was then taken to hospital by relatives who said she had injured herself while sawing branches.

The BBC reported that her severed hand was left behind to make sure that the disability was permanent. However authorities managed to pick up the hand in time, and doctors sewed it back on.

The incident happened shortly after the family had taken out life and injury insurance contracts with five insurance companies, Agence France Presse reported.

A woman in Slovenia is being charged with fraud after her family helped saw her hand off, police said. She hoped to receive a large insurance payout. (Illustrative image) Keystone View/FPG/Getty Images

In a country where the average salary is around €1,000 ($1,127), she was hoping to get around €380,000 of compensation and then a payout of around €3,000 per month, for the rest of her life.

Four people were initially arrested but two were released. The unnamed woman and her 29-year-old relative face up to eight years in prison if convicted on charges of attempted fraud.

Police spokesman Valter Zrinski told a news conference: "With one of her accomplices, she intentionally amputated her hand at the wrist with a circular saw, hoping to stage it as an accident."

Last month a man from New Jersey was charged with insurance fraud after video showed him apparently faking a workplace fall.

Security footage showed 57-year-old Alexander Goldinsky taking ice from an ice machine, throwing it on the floor in his workplace cafeteria and walking towards the ice, before falling to the ground. He has pleaded not guilty to the charges, WABC reported.

Last October, a Chinese woman killed herself and her two children after her husband faked his own death to pay off loans with money from his life insurance policy.

Police found the bodies of the woman, Dai Guihua, and the couple's 4-year-old son and 3-year-old daughter in a pond near their home in the southeastern Chinese town of Langtang, the South China Morning Post reported.

In the U.K, there is a case of insurance fraud detected every minute, with fake accidents making up a good proportion of cases, according to research by the country's Association of British Insurers.

Most of the fraudulent claims have come from road traffic accidents reported.

Family Helped Woman Saw Off Her Hand to Get $430,000 in Insurance Scam, Say Police | World