'Family By The Ton' Season 2 Spoilers: Casey King Says Living With Mom Is Like Being At 'Fat Camp'

Family by the Ton subject Casey King moved in with his mother to help get his weight under control. While left on his own, Casey ate as much as he wanted and played video games. Now that he's trying to turn his life around to get weight loss surgery, he must diet before it's safe for him to go under the knife. He needs help to do that and that's why he's living with his mother again.

"We jokingly say that my mother is a drill sergeant," Casey tells TLC in a confessional. "She's just more controlling with what I'm eating, how much I'm eating and she's so strict with my diet sometimes that I think about cheating. I'm not proud of it. Dieting sucks."

His mother admits that she monitors what he does, but that also means he's more active. "In my house, he plays video games a lot less. He doesn't actually bring the system. He might play something on the computer but he's not playing those live games on the internet with anybody and he gets up and he moves around a lot more," she says, adding: "Casey's doing really well. He's doing a lot better than I thought. So, I mean, if he sticks with this plan, doesn't have any setbacks and stays here, Casey's going to lose some weight."

Going to the gym wouldn't be the easiest option for him, but Casey gets exercise by swimming in the pool. "A couple of years ago I was really active at the gym and stuff like that but I don't remember when the last time I did that was but I like the water so getting in the pool is not bad," he says.

The day has come for Ed’s surgery. Watch as the Kings come together for another family weight loss milestone on #FamilybytheTon Wednesday at 10/9c. pic.twitter.com/xoemjLsgIh

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"My mom is on my case but in a good way because without her putting everything in place like this the motivation just wouldn't be there," he adds. "Being at my mom's is kinda like being at fat camp. I'll do whatever she says while I'm here but it feels like it'll be impossible to keep this up."

If Casey gets weight loss surgery, he would be the fourth in his family to do so.

To find out what happens next, don't miss Family by the Ton when it airs Wednesday at 10 p.m. ET on TLC after My 600-Lb. Life.