Famous Cats Go Missing After Fire Ravages Michigan Home

Cygnus, a Maine coon, has a longer tail than any living cat in the world. Will and Lauren Powers, starcats_detroit on Instagram

If you live near Detroit, be on the lookout for two spectacular cats.

Guinness declared Arcturus and Cygnus world-record holders when they were a year old. Arcturus has the longest legs of any domestic cat, and Cygnus has the longest tail. They lived in the same house in Farmington Hills, Michigan, just outside of Detroit.

That was until a fire destroyed their home. The humans who lived with them are confirmed safe—but what about their cats? They have been missing since the November 12 incident, according to the Associated Press.

Will and Lauren Powers escaped the blaze with nothing but the clothes on their backs but say they are not concerned about their inanimate belongings. The Powers family is most concerned for their feline friends, who they are afraid might have died during or since the fire. They also had a third cat, a Bengal, which is missing.

Cygnus is a fluffy, silver Maine coon cat. One of the largest cat breeds in the world, Maine coon cats can weigh up to 18 pounds. Cygnus's tail is 17.58 inches long, longer than the rest of his body combined.

Arcturus is 19.05 inches tall and 30 pounds. Arcturus might look more like a wild cat, and in a way, he is. This towering feline is an F2B Savannah cat, meaning that he is part African serval. "F2B" means that both Arcturus's parents were of this breed, a cross between a domestic cat and a wild serval. Servals are known for their cheetah-like spots, tall ears and stilt-like legs.

The Savannah cat is an exotic breed, genetically descended from wild animals and often with a more aggressive temperament than many domestic pets. They are illegal to own in several states, where governments have decided that owning a hybrid is the same as owning a wild animal.

The Powers had said that the cats, which are now two years old, had grown significantly since the last time they were measured and that Arcturus could continue to extend his height record until he is four or five. The Powers planned to remeasure the cats' respective long body parts if any other feline ever broke the cats' records.

According to the Powers' Instagram account, Arcturus is wearing a Tile tracker collar. Anyone who installs the free Tile app on their phone and comes near the collar will automatically signal to the Powers family where he is. They offer a $25,000 reward for the safe return of their cats.