Fans Realize This 90s Band Used a Cardboard Cutout of a Member in Music Video

Cast your mind back to the 1990s and you'll remember music videos featuring spikey hair and baggy jeans were all the rage on MTV.

And band 5ive were no exception, with Sean Conlon, Ritchie Neville, Scott Robinson, Abz Love and Jason "J" Brown churning out pop hits in now-vintage clothing.

The British band were formed in 1997 and enjoyed a string of hits in the U.K. and U.S., including Slam Dunk The Funk, which was chosen as the NBA's theme song.

While When The Lights Go Out made it onto the soundtrack of the iconic TV series Sabrina The Teenage Witch, and even the Disney Channel movie Smart House.

But it's the music video for their 2001 hit, Let's Dance, which is causing a stir online.

An eagle-eyed fan spotted something peculiar in their number one track, after realizing Conlon didn't feature in the video, and a cardboard cutout was used instead.

In comical scenes, scantily clad girls cavort around the life-sized likeness, while it's paraded about throughout the video, with members even asking the 2D version of Conlon a question.

"Sean, you've been very quiet today, any comments?" says a member to the silent image.

After spotting the bizarre stand-in, TikToker TheBaldestB**** shared a clip to their account, saying: "That time one guy from Five (sorry, 5ive) couldn't be in the video so they just used a cardboard cutout."

He captioned the video, watched more than 100,000 times since being uploaded on Saturday, "banger though to be fair."

At the time, representatives for the band claimed Conlon, then 20, was ill, which is why he couldn't appear in the video.

A statement, shared by the BBC at the time, said: "Sean has been diagnosed with glandular fever and the doctor said that he should take at least a month's rest. Hopefully we should see signs of him coming back within the next few weeks."

The remaining members reportedly took the cutout to promo events and concerts, but just a few months after the song's release, the band announced their split.

In a statement released on MTV Select, 5ive said: "We've matured and developed massively as a band over the last three and half years and have also grown as individuals. As the band has got bigger on a global scale, the commitment levels have had to increase and, at times, that has been hard on us all... it really is time to call it a day."

Commenting on the video, Lizz said: "This definitely unlocked some memories."

Victoria Morris reckoned: "I remember this. He had glandular fever and was really unwell for quite a while, I think."

While Katrhyn Pollard pointed out: "That time Sean had actually left the band and they didn't want to say."

And Charlieking93 added: "Why did I never notice this before."

Newsweek reached out to TheBaldestB**** for comment.

Screengrab from 5ive's video Let's Dance
A screengrab from 5ive's video Let's Dance. Fans of the 90s boyband have just realized a cardboard cut out was used instead of a member. RCA / BMG