Fans Urge Kendall Jenner Hailey Bieber to Stop Parking in Handicapped Spots

People all over the internet have urged Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber to stop parking their cars in handicapped spots. While attending a pilates class in sunny California, the two models have been caught parking illegally.

A typical punishment for parking in a handicapped parking spot without a proper handicapped sign is a fine that can range from $250-$450. According to an article by the CDC, 61 million people are living with a disability and those spots should be for them.

In a video posted by TMZ, paparazzi are asking the questions, "A lot of people are pissed that you guys are parking in the handicapped spots, what do you say to people who are upset about this?" They did not receive an answer from Kendall or Hailey.

Sources told TMZ that the owner of the pilates business told them to park there so it's quicker for them to get inside and avoid the paparazzi as much as possible. However, since there are other businesses that are located in the same vicinity, it would be unfair if someone needed the space. They also say that if someone needs the parking space, the celebs' security guards will move the car or the cars are moved when they get into their class.

Once the news broke, many fans wrote their concerns and disappointment on social media,

"Parking in a handicapped spot without being disabled is plain wrong. Take Uber if you have to or park in a regular spot. Regardless of who tells you it's ok, it's not. I wonder how many handicap people drove away due to no spots being available. Do the right thing," @GiglioSuzanne tweeted.

"As someone who is handicap this is disgusting. As a younger person who doesn't look handicapped to the naked eye and get notes and looks allllll the time on their car this is a slap in the face. Horrible," @khill10 wrote.

"Hey @KendallJenner , my sister is handicapped. We've had to park so far away because of people like you! It's not bad enough that she's confined to a wheelchair, but entitled people like you who think they're superior, don't even think twice. My sis says thanks!! #disgusting," @kimmykim4321 said.

The paparazzi video went viral on Tiktok. It was posted by @hollywoodshowbiz and has received over 687,000 views and 49,000 likes. Many users commented their thoughts slamming the two.

"I don't think they truly realize how these spots really are so crucial for ones that need them," @idklouwbu

"because they don't know what it's like to struggle on any capacity and therefore have no empathy for anyone or anything. simple," wrote @Alyssa.

"'They don't park their car there, the security moved it' it's THEIR vehicle, in the HANDICAP spot. PARKED. Doesn't matter how long, they're wrong," @isamazing stated.

Kendall Jenner Hailey Bieber
Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber are under fire for parking their cars in handicapped spots while attending a pilates class. Elsa/Getty Images