'Far Cry 5' Alien Guide: How To Find Objects, Unlock Magnopulser and Omega Outfit

Far Cry 5 is mostly filled with real-life things like airplanes, moose and rabid cults. However, there is an alien weapon that can be unlocked if you complete a series of side missions. There's also a fancy alien outfit you get by participating in a movie. Check out our guide for getting both.

'Far Cry 5' Alien Guide: How Do I Unlock The Magnopulser In Far Cry 5?

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Want to know how to get the Magnopulser alien gun and Omega outfit in “Far Cry 5?” Check out our complete guide to completing mission task like grappling, finding alien object locations and more. Ubisoft

The alien gun, called the Magnopulser, is unlocked after completing four side missions, but they must be completed in the following order listed below.

Parker Labs Side Mission

First, you're going to want to find Parker Labs in Holland Valley. It's a small area northwest of Falls End and south of the U.S. Auto outpost. You should be able to see the light from the arcing electricity off a homemade Faraday cage. Go near the cage and meet Larry Parker, who needs your help shutting off the electricity. Go around the property, shutting down all the generators by following the blue wire on the ground. Once done, you've completed the first side mission, Free Larry.

Hero's Journey Mission

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You'll need to get the Grapple perk if you want to unlock the Alien Magnopulser Gun. Player.One

The Hero's Journey, the second side mission, is now available. Make sure you have the Grapple perk, then talk to Larry again. He says a nearby radio tower is bugged, and wants your help to destroy the devices causing problems. Go to the Purpletop Telecom Tower, which isn't too far away from Parker Labs.

Once there, kill all cultists. Then grapple up to the first platform and start climbing the ladders. Destroy the first satellite dish, then grapple higher and destroy a second dish. Keep climbing up until Larry shows up in a helicopter. Grapple onto the helicopter, then swing and fling yourself to the top of the radio tower. The final three dishes are up here, so destroy them. (You can also destroy them from the helicopter if you act fast).Once all five are eliminated, grapple back onto the helicopter and climb up until you are inside. You are flown back to Parker Labs, and must defend the area from a swarm of incoming cultists. Kill them all and you're done with the second side mission.

Close Encounters Side Missions

far cry 5 megapulser alien gun find objects close encounters crop circle guide
To find the alien megapulser gun, you'll need to find alien objects in Close Encounters YouTube

Speak with Larry again now to start the third side mission, Close Encounters. Travel to the alien crop circles on your map and find four strange, glowing objects. The first can be found by dead cows at the base of the crop circle. The second is up by the right pointy end, sitting next to a tractor. The third object is a little above the top of the crop circle sitting out in a field. The last object is on top of the silos to the west of the crop circle. Climb up the ladders and leap onto the ledges by the silos to get to the top of the tallest one to find the object.

Once you find all four alien objects, return to Larry. Speak with him again to start the final mission for the Magnopulser, Out of This World.

Once you start the mission, go to the Hilgard Electrical Power Station. Once there, you'll need to override a panel in the shed. Once this is complete, you'll need to flip five switches in the power station. Watch out for the incoming cultists, and expect a fight when flipping these switches.

Once all the switches are flipped, return to Larry. You'll be given a prompt to interact with a generator on his porch, then the mission will be over and you'll unlock the Magnopulser.

How Do I Unlock The Omega Outfit In Far Cry 5?

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Players can earn the Omega outfit by completing the Quiet on the Set mission in Far Cry 5 Wikia

The Omega outfit also requires completing a side mission, but there is only one. First, travel to the Grimalkin Radon Mine in Henbane River. You'll find a movie set, with a director getting incredibly frustrated over the level of noise in the area.

Talk to the director, Guy Marvel, to start the Quiet on the Set side mission. Next, talk to Dean the sound guy, who will tell you where loud noises are coming from. Follow his directions west to a group of cultists. Kill them all, and return to Dean on the set. The next loud area is to the south, so kill the Peggies in this area, then Dean will tell you about some radio trucks.

You'll come to a Bliss field with a few trucks and a bunch of Angels. Destroy the trucks and kill everything on two legs. Once you're done, return to the set and talk to Guy to finish the mission and unlock the Omega outfit.

To equip the Magnopulser and Omega outfit, travel to a General Store. The gun will be in the final tab of the weapons section, by the LMGs and Bows. The outfit will be in the "Clothes" section of the store.

So what do you think? Are you going to roll around Hope County acting like an alien now that you've unlocked the Magnopulser and Omega outfit? What other questions do you have about Far Cry 5? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.