'Far Cry 5' Animals: How to Get Boomer, Cheeseburger & Peaches From Fangs For Hire Gang

Far Cry 5 is full of animals, and you can use some of them to tackle missions and clear outposts. In this quick guide, we'll tell you how to get Boomer the dog, Cheeseburger the bear and Peaches the mountain lion.


Like all Guns For Hire, Boomer's mission is very clearly marked on the starting map with an icon of his adorable face. Mark the Rae Rae's Pumpkin Farm icon in John's region and head over there. When you do, you'll start the "Man's Best Friend" quest. There are cult guards in the area, so use your binoculars to highlight them and then take them out however you like. You can use a stealthy approach if you prefer, but this is an easy guns-blazing fight. The only real concern is one specially marked target that can potentially summon reinforcements

‘Far Cry 5’ Animals: How to Get Boomer Location Cheeseburger Peaches Fangs For Hire
Rescue Boomer from his cage. Ubisoft

When you get to the quest marker, shoot open the cage door and Boomer will help you deal with any enemies in the area. Once that's done, go over and pet Boomer. He's your buddy for life.

‘Far Cry 5’ Animals: How to Get Boomer Location Cheeseburger Peaches Fangs For Hire
Once you pet Boomer he’s your friend for life. Ubisoft


  • Pointer: Tags nearby enemies
  • Retriever: Retrieves weapons after an attack


Before you can get Cheeseburger, you must clear the F.A.N.G. Center outpost that's visibly marked on the starter map. You also need to learn the basics of fishing. After that, talk to a beanie-wearing NPC in the area named Wade Fowler. He'll introduce you to the "Right To Bear Arms" quest.

The first step is to find some salmon, which you can get from a dock north of the Lansdowne Airstrip. No other location will do. Just wait it out, and you'll eventually get a nibble.

Fish in hand, go to Linero Building Supplies (near Fort Drubman) and get ready for a small fight towards the outer edge of the establishment. There are three guards here that you can easily dispatch by ramming a truck into them. Cheeseburger is on the water's edge. Drop the fish, and you'll make him very happy.

‘Far Cry 5’ Animals: How to Get Cheeseburger Location Salmon Boomer Peaches Fangs For Hire
Give Cheeseburger his favorite salmon and he’ll be on your side. Ubisoft

Cult members give it one last push, but you should have no problem pushing through them with Cheeseburger's help.


  • Bear Arms: does a strong attack
  • Cross to Bear: Distracts enemies in ambushes


Visit the Peaches Taxidermy icon marked on the starter map to meet Miss Mable, an older woman with short, gray hair. She'll ask you to find her kitty and give you treats to help locate the animal. To equip them, open your weapon wheel and scroll through the "Projectiles" section.

Far Cry 5 Mable
Miss Mable will tell you where to find Peaches. Ubisoft

A waypoint will guide you to a nearby camp with bodies on the ground. You may need to kill a few stragglers, but once you do, simply make a trail of treats back to the starting location of the mission. You'll want to keep Peaches about 20 meters away and shoot any wolves you may encounter along the way. Just before you get to a bridge, take out your binocs and mark the enemies. Take them out.

Far Cry 5 Peaches Bridge
When you’re luring Preaches, watch out for enemies near this bridge. Ubisoft

When you reach your destination, you'll have to dispatch a small group of cult members. You can deal with them yourself, or lure Peaches into the area with meat and let the little kitty run wild. Once everything cams down, speak to Mable to finish the mission.


  • Pounce: Silently jumps on enemies
  • Stalk: Stays concealed in tall grass

Those are the main Fangs For Hire in Far Cry 5, and they all have different uses. For even more Far Cry 5 guides, check out our list of tips for beginners.

Far Cry 5 is available now on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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