'Far Cry 5: Dead Living Zombies' DLC Review: Season Pass Ends on a Downer

6.5/10 (Xbox)

Dead Living Zombies, the final DLC for Far Cry 5, is now available to download. Does it manage to live up to the quality of the other two expansions, Hours of Darkness and Lost on Mars? The short answer is no, but it's not all bad.

Instead of one cohesive story, Dead Living Zombies follows filmmaker Guy Marvel as he pitches seven movies to various studio heads and directors. Each of the movies includes a different scenario, which helps mix up gameplay. Unfortunately, all the movies are so short, it's hard to get invested in any of them. It comes across like Ubisoft had a number of different zombie DLC ideas, didn't know which one to pick, and went with all of them instead.

Gameplay across all seven movies is largely the same. You'll fight against zombies that have an unnatural ability to sense where you are. This means stealth is never useful in Dead Living Zombies. Killing enemies also earns bonus ammo, so it's important to gun down enemies and switch up weapons every now and then to avoid running out of bullets.

Dead Living Zombies ends the Far Cry 5 season pass on a down note Ubisoft

The movies range from somewhat interesting to outright boring. The DLC is at its best when Guy Marvel and a director are arguing, causing the world to shift drastically around you while playing. At worst, the DLC devolves into a boring shooting gallery, with one movie's plot basically being "kill as many zombies as you can until we say it's over." I guess there's a kind of meta-humor with the dialogue during this sequence, but creating dull gameplay for a joke just results in bored players who aren't laughing.

Elsewhere, the slight variations in gameplay between the different movie episodes are impressive. One involves a race against time, and players spend the majority of the level driving a car as fast as possible to the end. Another features survival gameplay, with limited ammo. While a number of the movies featured some kind of hook, the ones that didn't just felt lame in comparison.

Save points pose a problem in this DLC as well. Dying at any time during any one of the movie sequences forces players to not only go back to the start of the level, but go back all the way to the opening cutscene. While you can skip the cutscene, it's still crazy that a better system isn't in place to get you back to the action faster.

To encourage replayability, completing each movie sequence unlocks a score challenge for that movie. Each challenge has three tiers, and completing all three unlocks a special item for the main Far Cry 5 game. This is cool to see, but the idea of revisiting some of these movies isn't all that appealing after the first time.

Considering how much fun I had with Hours of Darkness and Lost on Mars, it's disappointing to see Dead Living Zombies fall so far short of the other DLC. There's still enjoyment to be had with some of the more creative movie episodes, and the core shooting mechanics from Far Cry 5 are still fun to tinker around with. But poor checkpoints, too-short episodes and uninspired gameplay sections really bring everything down, closing out the Far Cry 5 season pass on a whimper instead of a bang.

So what do you think? Which expansion for Far Cry 5 was your favorite? Do you think any ideas from these DLCs will be used in Far Cry 6? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.