'Far Cry 5' Best Guns For Hire Guide: How To Get Hurk, Nick, Grace and Other Companions

Far Cry 5 allows players to call in an AI ally to fight alongside them with a new system called Guns For Hire. There are six different characters players can recruit. Unlocking each one is pretty easy, so here's how to do it.

'Far Cry 5' Best Guns For Hire Guide: How To Get Hurk, Nick, Grace and the Rest

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Fight with allies by using Guns For Hire. Find out the best ones to use, here. Ubisoft

Each character can be located on the in-game map by finding that character's picture. To unlock each character, mark the picture as a waypoint, then find them an initiate a conversation that usually includes some small task. We've got the breakdown for each recruit below..

Once a Gun For Hire is unlocked, go to the "Roster" page in the game's menu, and select the character you want. He or she will arrive at your location shortly, and help you fight.

Hurk Drubman Jr.

'Far Cry 5' Best Guns For Hire Guide companions How To Get Hurk, Nick, Grace
Hurk Far Cry 5

To unlock Hurk, visit his cabin and talk to his dad. Hurk Sr. wants his son out of the house, so he makes Hurk tag along with you to recover his truck. Go to the Haskell Lookout Tower,clear out the cultists, then move down the ziplines to another cabin and clear out the cultists there, too. Once you secure Hurk's car, drive it back to Hurk Sr. to complete the mission and unlock Hurk.

Hurk carries an RPG, so don't bring him along if you're focusing on a stealth mission. He is only good for big explosions.

LOCATION: Hurk can be found in the northeast corner of the map in the Whitetail Mountains.


  • Heat Seaker: RPGs can track vehicles
  • Junk It: RPGs deal more damage to vehicles

Nick Rye

'Far Cry 5' Best Guns For Hire Guide companions How To Get Hurk, Nick, Grace
Nick Rye - Far Cry 5 'Guns For Hire' Far Cry 5

Go to Rye and Sons Aviation and kill all the cultists attacking Nick and his family. Once clear, Nick asks you to sneak over to the Seed Ranch and steal his plane back. After getting to the plane, Nick will ask you to blow up cult property on your way back to his place.

Nick is very helpful, but from a distance. He only fights alongside you from his plane, so don't expect much help if you're fighting indoors or underground. If you're fighting out in the open, Nick strafes enemies and deals major damage.

LOCATION: Nick is located toward the west of end of the map in Holland Valley


  • Bomb's Away: Nick can drop bombs from his plane
  • Light 'Em Up: Nick does a strafe run, killing enemies with his machine guns

Grace Armstrong

'Far Cry 5' Best Guns For Hire Guide companions How To Get Hurk, Nick, Grace
Far Cry 5 Guns For Hire: Grace Armstrong Far Cry 5

Go to the Lamb of God church in Holland Valley and eliminate all the cultists. Climb to the roof to talk to Grace. She asks you to help her protect the church from a wave of incoming enemies. Once the church is safe, Grace will join your fight.

Grace uses a sniper rifle, and is capable of taking out enemies from long distances. Make sure you call out which enemies you want Grace to attack using the left direction on the D-pad.

LOCATION: Grace can be found at the Lamb of God church on the western side of Holland Valley


  • Boom Boom: Her sniper shots scare enemies
  • Friend Sight: Her laser sight is easier to distinguish from enemies

Adelaide Drubman

Liberate the Drubman Marina in the northeast corner of Henbane River. Once the outpost is cleared, talk to Adelaide. She'll explain she wants her helicopter back. Travel to the furthest location away from the Marina, and find the pilot. Wait for the pilot to land, kill him and fly the helicopter back to the marina. Eliminate the cultists and land to unlock Adelaide.

Adelaide flies to you in a helicopter when you summon her, but will also fight alongside you on the ground.

LOCATION: Drubman Marina in Henbane River


  • Call a Chopper: Adelaide arrives in a helicopter when called
  • Less Reload: Adelaide has bigger magazines for her weapons

Jess Black

Liberate the Baron Lumber Mill in the Whitetail Mountains to find Jess Black. Follow Jess to a location where you must use stealth to kill cultists and free the captives. Once clear, move to a second location and repeat the process. Once you kill a key cult member, Jess will join your crew.

Jess is all about stealth play. Her weapon of choice is a bow, so don't bring her along if you plan on running and gunning through any missions.

LOCATION: Baron Lumber Mill in the Whitetail Mountains


  • Concealment: Enemies have a harder time detecting Jess
  • Feral Friendly: Wild animals won't attack you with Jess around

Sharky Boshaw

Go to the Moonflower Trailer Park to find Sharky waiting for you. Talk to him to start his mission, which involves killing plenty of the zombie-like Angels. Kill the first wave and Sharky will ask you to destroy his speakers. Do so, and eliminate the remaining enemies to unlock Sharky.

Sharky likes fire, and uses a flamethrower and other pyrotechnics in combat. This is both helpful and dangerous, as fire can easily spread and burn you too.

LOCATION: Sharky is in the Moonflower Trailer Park in the Henbane River


  • Fire It Up: attacks have an extra spark to them
  • Shatterproof: resistant to most explosions and impacts

If you prefer an ally that doesn't talk so much, be sure to check out our Fangs For Hire guide, where you can recruit a dog, cougar or even a bear to fight by your side.

So what do you think? Are you going to play with any of these Guns For Hire next to you? Which is your favorite ally in Far Cry 5? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.