'Far Cry 5' Lieutenant Locations: How To Unlock Fourth Holster Perk Fast

Need help unlocking the fourth holster perk in "Far Cry 5"? Check out our guide with where to find Lieutenants to kill and get the perk.

Far Cry 5 is a tough game and you need all the weapons you can get your hands on. At the start of your journey, you can only hold two guns and a melee weapon, but can gain additional weapon slots. The third slot can be earned by getting eight perk points and applying them in the perk tree, but the fourth is a little harder to get.

Far Cry 5 Lieutenant Locations: Steps To Unlocking The Fourth Holster Perk Fast

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Being able to equip that fourth holster is super useful and can help you get out of Hope County alive. In order to do that, you'll need to kill one of Far Cry 5's Lieutenants: John, Jacob or Faith. The fastest way to get a Lieutenant kill is to after Jacob Seed, the bearded one, since he has the smallest territory and it's where you start the game.

Story Mission #1: The World Is Weak

You'll need at least a two on your Resistance Rating at Whitetail Mountains, which can be done by completing story or side missions, destroying property or saving civilians. (If you're out to get rich quick, our Money Guide recommends you save side missions until after Jacob is dead).Once you hit level two, the story mission "The World is Weak" should start and a "capture party incoming" message will appear. A Chosen Hunter and two other cultists spawn, knock you out and drag you to some creepshow bunker with a maze in it.After you get captured (and watch a cutscene) you'll have to kill a high-value target and escape before a timer runs out. You start off with 45 seconds and get an extra six seconds for a headshot and four for a kill. Make it through the corridors and shoot everything that you can, you should eventually make it out alive and pass Jacob's test.

Story Mission #2: We Must Be Strong

The next mission "We Must Be Strong" starts the same way. Head out into the world and start earning resistance points and soon you get captured all over again. You'll have to go through an even crazier maze to complete your training this time around. Once you do, you'll be left at Devil's Drop and your training will be suspended.The first few chambers of this maze are the same, but the final three have some slight differences. It's hard to count chambers under duress, but when you get towards the end keep an out for an LMG near a chute. It helps. Also, when you see a stuffed wolf you're almost there.

Story Mission #3: Only You

Now it's time to kill Jacob Seed. To trigger this story mission you must get a resistance level of at least 4. Focus on missions if you're in a rush, but if you love the sandbox go exploring and causing mayhem. Now would be a good time to buy a helicopter if you can afford it, or at least keep an eye out for seaplanes when you're near the lakes. Whatever you decide to do, once you max out at level 4 you'll get a familiar call announcing the hunt is on.

The hallucogenic red mist comes wafting in and it's time to finish your training. There's 15 seconds on the clock now and you have to move through the same corridors until you reach the Command Room and you pass the test. As you hobble out of Wolf's Den, you're tasked with destroying six Wolf Beacons that are already rigged with explosives. Pick up weapons from murdered locals and shoot them from afar. After you complete the task, you'll snap out of your high. Stock up on ammo, health and guns then head to the rock formation at Wolf's Den, and fight off a handful of tough foes and pair of Judge Wolves. Fight on andexecute Jacob to finish

You'll earn 3,000 dollars, unlock the perk for the fourth holster slot and be able to buy Jacob's rifle at the shop.

It's worth noting you don't HAVE to do Jacob first, we just recommend him because he is the easiest of the Lieutenants to kill.