'Far Cry 5' Guide: How To Get All Lighters In "What They Carried" Side Mission

Far Cry 5 has a mission where players are tasked with hunting down and returning 12 different lighters across Hope County. Called "What They Carried," the mission can be started by talking to Wendell Redler, who is located at the Redler residence east of Fall's End in Holland Valley. Alternatively, the mission can start if you happen to stumble into one of the lighters early. (Sidenote: The mission title is an easter egg for the fantastic Vietnam War short story collection The Things They Carried by Tim O'Brien)

'Far Cry 5' Guide: How To Get All Lighters In "What They Carried" Side Mission

Find all Vietnam Lighters for the "What They Carried" side mission in Far Cry 5 Ubisoft

The lighters are scattered all around Hope County, so to save you the time, here's where you're going to need to look.

Where are the Vietnam Lighters in Far Cry 5?

If you want to make it easy on yourself, it's possible to buy a map from the shop for $1,200 highlighting all of the locations immediately. If you want to save some cash, here are the locations:

Holland Valley Lighter Locations

  1. Miller Residence
    1. This house is located in the southeast corner of Holland Valley. Look in the backyard for a hatch to an underground bunker. The lighter is down there.
  2. Harris Residence
    1. In the northwest corner of Holland Valley, find a house with a garage and wooden shed in the backyard. Go in the shed and find a hatch to a bunker. The lighter is in this bunker.
  3. Rae-Rae's Pumpkin Farm
    1. Walk along the fence surrounding the farm and you'll find a hatch to a bunker. The lighter can be found down this hatch.
  4. Fillmore Residence
    1. This house is in the southeast corner of Holland Valley, close to Henbane River. The house is burned down, and has a swingset out front. Find a shed on the property with a hatch, go underground and find the last lighter.

Henbane River Lighter Locations

  1. Counselor's Cabin
    1. This small cabin is located just south of Angel's Peak. Directly behind the cabin is a hatch, containing the Vietnam lighter.
  2. McClean Residence
    1. This house has a green roof and is just southeast of Dutch's Island. The bunker in the back has double doors that are wide open, so skip down there to find this lighter.
  3. McCoy Cabin
    1. Just west of Peaches Taxidermy is the McCoy Cabin. After clearing out cultists, look for the bunker hatch under one of the tarp structures. Go into the bunker for this lighter.
  4. Abercrombie Residence
    1. This house is located in the southeast corner of the map, south of Rock Bass Lake. Find the hatch by the rear of the house, close to the porch.

Whitetail Mountains Lighter Locations

  1. Whitetail Park Visitor's Center
    1. To the West of the Wolf's Den is a large visitor's center. The lighter is in the building closest to the parking lot, sitting on a shelf.
  2. Elliot Residence
    1. This house is located north of Joseph's island on the east side of the Moccasin River. This lighter is part of "The Holdouts" prepper stash. First, climb into the house through the roof, then move through the rooms until you can get into the kitchen on the first floor. Find a keycard, and enter the bunker in the woodshed outside. Use the keycard to get the lighter and the Prepper stash.
  3. Unmarked Treehouse Bunker
    1. This one is a bit of a hike and it's an official location on your map. You'll need to go north of Cedar Lake, and find where the nearby river starts entering the lake. Look up for a place to grapple near a waterfall. There should be a treehouse nearby. Once up, look for a stack of wooden pallets. Blow them up to reveal a bunker with a lighter inside.
  4. Unmarked Cabin Bunker
    1. This also isn't marked on your map. The cabin is located right in between Langford Lake and Clagett Bay, and is north of Widow's Creek. There is a double-door bunker here, so go down for the final lighter.

Once you have found all 12 lighters, return to Wendell Redler at his house to finish the mission. He'll reward you with access to his weapon stash.

So what do you think? Are you going to find all the lighters for the What They Carried mission? What other questions do you have about Far Cry 5? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.